Stability Testing LIMS & ELN Platform

A science-aware™ software platform for strides in stability studies.

strides in stability studies

We believe that making strides forward in stability testing can only be accomplished with a proper stability LIMS & ELN platform. With no-code workflow creation, detailed materials management, instrument data integration, and Science-aware analysis, Sapio LIMS & ELN supports scientists in accelerating and advancing their stability studies with software that helps to ensure safe and accessible pharmaceutical products for all.

More complex drug formulations and a global supply chain have both intensified the importance and intricacy of stability studies, which aim to understand the impact of conditions like temperature, humidity, light, and pH on product quality and efficacy over time.

With nuanced test criteria, varying degrees of sample variability, diverse instruments and analytical techniques like chromatography or spectroscopy, and the need for careful data standardization and interpretation, the lab informatics requirements of stability testing software are both numerous and diverse.

Sapio LIMS & ELN deliver key capabilities to strengthen stability testing efficiency and insight.

icon control test criteria

Control test criteria at scale

Run your stability tests in your way with configurable templates for stability testing protocols. Capture key details including samples, storage, intervals, and pass-fail requirements. Manage complex batch assessments using our no-code workflow engine to satisfy the requirements in your Study Specification of Sample Batches.

icon single view

A single view, for scientific eyes

Bring together data from all of your testing instruments in a single view designed for the scientific user. Search, spot trends, and derive conclusions from your data without SQL using built-in analytics and science-aware visualizations. Share data and reports, annotate results, communicate, and coordinate actions across your scientific team without leaving the platform.

icon track samples

Track samples seamlessly

Never lose sight of a single sample with full traceability from receipt to disposal. Manage and minimize sample variability with full context into each sample’s manufacturing details, sample lot, storage conditions, retrieval time, inventory level, disposal procedures, stability data, and more.

icon support compliance

Support compliance with ease

Sapio’s context-rich data management capabilities make complex test documentation simple. With high-integrity data unified in the platform, scientists and compliance team members can report with confidence to regulatory bodies, customers, and management.

Learn why Sapio is the best software for your stability studies.

Stability Testing Features of Sapio LIMS & ELN

Sapio provides outstanding configurability and powerful sample management in one, unified platform. Here are some of the features Sapio includes for stability testing. 

  • Stability testing templates
  • Configurable, no-code workflow
  • Sample traceability
  • Study management
  • Instrument management
  • Built-in collaboration and approvals
  • Integrated schedule management
  • Granular searchability
  • Documentation and reporting
  • Science-aware™ data analysis and charting

Leaders in drug safety and efficacy choose Sapio.

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