Laboratory Inventory Management Software

The complete solution for effective end-to-end management of your lab’s inventory and materials. 

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Take control of your lab’s inventory every step of the way

In the fast-paced world of laboratory operations, an efficient inventory management system is the key to success. Recording factory details, tracking reagent lots, accessing storage information, managing stock and knowing when to order replacements can be an overwhelming juggling act.

Sapio’s advanced lab inventory management software allows you to create a rigorous end-to-end materials management process by:

  • Receiving and registering lab stock and materials
  • Storing and managing inventory
  • Making the location, distribution and use of inventory straightforward
  • Managing expiration, waste, and disposal
  • Monitoring stock levels and automating reordering
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What are the benefits of our lab inventory management software?

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Cost Efficiency

Bulk purchasing and automated reordering of materials and stock can lead to discounts and reduced purchasing costs, while efficient inventory management reduces waste from over-ordering.

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Real-Time Visibility

Ensure scientists have the right materials at the right time and location, reducing stock-outs and potential delays to experiments and workflow.

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Regulatory Compliance

Proper waste management and better management of controlled substances or sensitive materials help ensure compliance with regulations.

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Enhanced Productivity

Having materials and inventory readily available and efficiently located reduces time spent searching for or waiting for essential items, leading to smoother operations.

Experience end-to-end lab inventory management.

Laboratory Inventory Management Software features

Say goodbye to the frustration of searching for that elusive reagent or worrying about duplicate orders with our materials registry. Our intuitive interface gives you complete control over your inventory, making it easier to locate and track your formulation management with unmatched component tracking.

  • Master materials registry 
  • Formulations and calculations
  • Experiment tracking
  • Lot and batch tracking
  • ERP system integration
  • Volume tracking 
  • Storage locations
  • Expiration and reordering

Leaders in scientific research choose Sapio.

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Laboratory Inventory Management Resources


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Do you have questions about laboratory inventory management software?

We’d love to answer them.

What is a laboratory inventory management system?

A lab inventory management system is an effective solution that allows labs to enhance their overall lab productivity and operation. By efficiently registering, monitoring, handling and reordering lab inventory and materials, you’re able to ensure your team has the necessary stock when and where they need it, helping to reduce operational costs and negate the effects of delayed experiments.

Can Excel be used for laboratory inventory management?

Spreadsheet documents such as Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets are often an initial choice for many laboratories. However, using spreadsheets typically requires more manual work, hindering productivity. A suitable lab inventory management system is often a more effective solution, allowing you to enhance your workflow by automating processes and using real-time insights to monitor factors such as stock levels and regulatory compliance.

How much does laboratory inventory management software cost?

The price of lab inventory management software can differ depending on the provider and features you opt for. We offer several editions of our laboratory management software that can be tailored to your requirements. Check out our pricing page to learn more about pricing and features for our Gold, Silver, and Bronze editions.

Why is inventory management important for laboratory biosecurity?

Proper inventory control is a vital part of your lab’s operations and allows your team to ensure compliance, results, accuracy and safety when handling hazardous materials and stock. Implementing a suitable inventory management solution can help.

What kind of support is available to Sapio customers?

Sapio Sciences customers gain free access to our support forum and helpful resource library whenever they create a free account. In addition, our resource library provides useful information about lab software and offers customers access to whitepapers and additional support.

Beyond our forum and resource library, the entire Sapio team is dedicated to supporting our customers in meeting their lab’s objectives now and in the future. We consider ourselves true partners and are proud of the level of support. You can contact our sales and customer support teams for further advice.

What if my team and I don’t have an IT department?

Our commitment to lowering the barriers to adoption starts during implementation. Our laboratory inventory management software is fully cloud-based and requires nothing more than a modern web browser. Simply sign up and go, and benefit from our suite of powerful out-of-the-box tools, which make it easy to get started even if this is your first foray into inventory management.

Why should I trust Sapio?

Sapio is widely regarded by our customers as a dedicated partner, and we are dedicated to transparency and truthfulness in all that we do. Visit our company page to learn more about The Sapio Seven—seven principles that underpin our transformative solutions and daily work.

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