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The science-awareTM informatics platform.

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The first AI-powered lab assistant built for scientists

Science is complex. Finally, a platform that simplifies life in the lab.

We make life easier for scientists with a science-aware™ lab informatics platform
that is simple to configure, effortless to use.

LIMS software, Electronic Lab Notebook and Jarvis built on one, seamless platform.

The first AI-chat assistant for scientists

What will you ask ELaiN to do?

Now that’s how you accelerate science.

One platform, built for science.

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Forward-thinking labs choose Sapio.

Here’s how Sapio will transform your lab.

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Hit the ground running.

Get started fast with no-code experiments, pre-built templates, support for over 30 languages, and the most intuitive natural language interface you’ve ever had the pleasure of using.

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Adapt smoothly, in flight.

Embrace new capabilities, instruments, and services without disruption or worry using a platform that was made to adapt at the speed of science.

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Make your data move mountains.

Easily search and discover with our science-aware knowledge graph, then utilize our built-in AI analytics to interpret and utilize your data like never before.

We love to see scientists’ faces light up during the demo.

Let us show you the platform live.

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