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A flexible platform for pharmaceutical discovery and development

Elevate efficiency and productivity with no-code configurability, built-in collaboration and out-of-the-box tools

The pace and volume of drug discovery have never been greater, with more drugs in the global R&D pipeline than ever before and additional candidates joining them at an unprecedented rate. In order to remain ahead in this rapid discovery reality, pharmaceutical organizations require a platform that empowers scientists to work faster and smarter, not harder.

Built to support the scale and speed of the industry’s leading pharmaceutical discovery labs, the Sapio Platform provides an end-to-end, hybrid solution for small and large molecule discovery workflows. As the first science-aware™ lab informatics platform, Sapio addresses your lab’s unique requirements by delivering built-in scientific tools and enabling radical configurability without code.


The global drug discovery market is expected to reach a value of $133B by 2032.1

Relevant solutions for pharmaceutical organizations

Discover lab informatics solutions to elevate your pharamaceutical workflows

Sapio Research

Enjoy radical configurability and unprecedented scale.

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Sapio Lab Data Management

Unify scientific data for all scientists to access.

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Sapio Chemistry

A unified solution for small molecule discovery.

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Enable speed and simplicity at scale

At Sapio, our mission is to make life in the lab simple. That’s why our platform transforms your lab’s most pressing challenges into powerful sources of strength. Discover how.

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Scientific tools built-in

Large pharmaceutical organizations are home to diverse research areas and scientific specializations, and these often use their own siloed solutions. By contrast, Sapio delivers built-in, science-aware™ tools and templates to support specialized research areas in an intentional way—from in multi-modal registration, to next-generation sequencing, sample management, bioanalysis, and more. Get up and running quickly and accelerate time to value with out-of-the-box tools and radical no-code configurability.

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Configure your workflow, your way

The pace of scientific discovery is unprecedented, and pharmaceutical organizations’ workflow requirements are a moving target. Too often configurability requires an army of coders, leaving scientists hamstrung when it comes to bringing their workflows to life. With a no-code / low-code solution and plain English rules engine, Sapio empowers scientists, not coders, to animate sophisticated workflows in minutes and optimize in stride over time.

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Seamlessly integrate your lab

The modern pharmaceutical lab is a melting pot of specialized systems and sophisticated instruments. This complexity is replicated across sites, creating an integration dilemma of monumental proportions. Sapio is designed to integrate seamlessly and securely with the tools and instruments that power your lab, enabling you to eliminate gaps in knowledge and duplicative data entry across all of your sites. In addition, maintain a full view of instrument maintenance and calibration timelines to proactively manage maintenance and minimize downtime.

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Foster collaboration

Looking to draw from a workflow or experiment that a colleague has already created? Leverage Sapio’s reusable workflows and templates to build upon previous findings, eliminate duplicative efforts, and spend a greater portion of your time on novel science. In addition, Sapio allows scientists to work on experiments simultaneously, tag one another, and leave notes and instructions for richer collaboration.

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Data meaningful to scientists.

Sapio unifies and contextualizes the massive amounts of data generated by high-volume pharmaceutical discovery labs. Equipped with a science-aware™ knowledge graph – Sapio Jarvis – and powerful searchability, the platform allows you to seamlessly find the data you need with full scientific understanding. This searchability is fully scalable, empowering you to unlock unified insight within and between sites. In addition, Sapio allows you to easily generate reports to view at-a-glance insights while satisfying the requirements of your leadership and regulators.

Ready to see the Sapio Platform in action?

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A Science-Aware™ Approach to Lab Informatics

Do you have questions about our solutions for pharmaceutical research?

We’d love to answer them.

The users in my lab all have different requirements from a platform. Can Sapio support them all?

Pharmaceutical discovery labs are home to a multitude of scientific roles and responsibilities, and all of them stand to benefit from an end-to-end solution. Sapio delivers built-in tools to support the full range of scientific specialties and workflow requirements—from bioanalysis, to next-generation sequencing, histopathology, in vivo study design, and more. More importantly, our platform unifies work to foster continuity at scale. In addition, scientists can work together directly within the platform, collaborating on the same experiment simultaneously and building on existing work to reduce redundancy.

Will implementing a new system disrupt my existing workflows?

With such a rapid pace of discovery, pharmaceutical labs do not have time for the disruptions and headaches that too often come along with platform implementation. Sapio is widely known and admired for our ease of implementation and no-code configurability. In addition, our team will work closely with yours to shape an implementation and integration strategy that meets your needs, empowers your team members, and supports you in rapidly realizing the full value and intended ROI of the platform.

Will the platform still work for my lab as our needs evolve?

The ability to adapt and evolve is a prerequisite for any market-leading lab informatics platform. Your lab informatics platform should not only meet your needs today, it should continue to adapt and deliver value long into the future. Most importantly, it should do so in stride, without slowing the pace of your discovery and development workflows. Sapio’s radical configurability enables you to evolve and adapt your processes without code to meet your lab’s changing requirements.

What if I add a new instrument in my lab?

As lab technology continues to make exciting new advances, pharmaceutical labs are constantly acquiring new instruments that need to be seamlessly integrated with their core platform. Sapio supports integration with over 200 instruments and offers flexible APIs to support the seamless integration of additional instrumentation over time. Our team’s integration expertise will empower you to establish a single source of truth within your lab, no matter how complex or sophisticated your instrument landscape.

How does the platform support compliance?

To ensure continued quality and support adherence to regulatory requirements, the Sapio Platform is a GxP-compliant solution that maintains a comprehensive and accurate audit trail and the ability to easily search historical workflows, experiments, and data points. In addition, Sapio empowers you to consolidate data into contextualized reports to assist in regulatory documentation.

What if we use multiple LIMS and ELN solutions in our organization?

Standardization across an organization can offer various benefits. At the same time, we acknowledge and understand that modern labs must often support a patchwork of different solutions. The power of The Sapio Platform lies in its dynamic ability to unify data from multiple sources, including across disparate sites, specialties, and systems such as LIMS software and Electronic Lab Notebooks. This allows you to maintain your current technology landscape while achieving the data unification and built-in analysis required to make more agile decisions and build a data foundation to realize the benefits.