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On Demand: Accelerating Small Molecule Discovery

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Unleash the Power of Sapio Chemistry for Seamless Synthesis and Analysis

Optimizing small molecule discovery workflows is crucial for staying ahead in the fast-paced biopharmaceutical research world. This webinar will introduce Sapio Chemistry, a groundbreaking solution that seamlessly integrates into Sapio’s comprehensive LIMS and ELN platform, empowering medicinal and synthetic chemistry teams to achieve unparalleled efficiency and collaboration.

Discover how this innovative solution captures synthesis and registration workflows, creating a unified, end-to-end lab informatics platform for biopharma organizations.

Key Highlights:

Streamlined Reaction Capture:

  • In a simple workflow, capture complex chemistry experiments from reagents and solvents to analytical results and products.
  • Effortlessly initiate new reactions through direct in-line chemical sketching, file upload, or reaction lookup.
  • Streamline data population through automated stoichiometry calculations.

Comprehensive Chemical Registration:

  • Uniquely identify, register and track synthesized compounds and reagents with their batches and lots.
  • Gain insight into the compounds with extensive physicochemical property calculations.

Chemically Intelligent Search: Access up-to-date project data instantly with advanced structure search capabilities across molecules and reactions, ensuring informed decision-making.

Intelligent Real-time Collaboration: Enhance cross-functional efficiency with built-in scientific collaboration features. Simultaneously work on experiments, engage with colleagues, and communicate seamlessly across teams.

Scalable Informatics Platform: Experience the power of Sapio’s unified ELN, LIMS, and Jarvis for comprehensive experiment data management.

Rapid outcomes: Use out-of-the-box templates for small molecule synthesis, and easily configure them with Sapio’s no-code features.

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