Multimodal Entity Registration

A unified registration system for natural and non-natural biologics, conjugates, and small molecules

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A single, unified registration system

Sapio’s unified registration system powers the next wave of multimodal drug discovery and development. It’s a single registration system that can handle natural and non-natural biologics, all forms of conjugates, peptides, and small molecules.

The system automatically tracks the complete lineage of every entity and its component parts. It leverages the power of Sapio materials management to treat the samples of entities as first-class objects. The no-code data designer means that new entities and their attributes are easy to add, allowing your registration system to keep pace with your new science.

Biopharmaceutical companies have rapidly transformed from their original focus on small molecules to embrace biologics such as antibodies, non-natural biologics such as synthetic peptides, chemically modified oligoneucleotides, and antibody-small molecule conjugates. These all offer the promise of more accurately targeted therapies with improved efficacy.

This dynamic evolution continues into a world of fully multimodal research, with the development of new types of conjugates, next-generation peptides, target protein degraders such as PROTACs and molecular glues, and many more. Only a genuinely universal and infinitely flexible registration system can allow you to keep pace with your rapidly evolving therapeutic landscape.

One comprehensive entity management that captures all therapeutic entities

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Multimodal registration

With out-of-the-box entity definitions for small molecules and peptides, natural and non-natural RNA, DNA and proteins, antibodies, and bioconjugates, you can be up and running to register many common therapeutics types immediately. With Sapio’s no-code data designer, it is simple to create new entities or change attributes of existing entities to fit your organization’s research. Flexible registration rules define uniqueness and assign registry IDs based on sequence, HELM string, or chemical structure matching, as well as additional attributes (e.g., species, supplier) where appropriate.

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Samples are first-class objects

With Sapio’s best-in-class material management underpinning entity registration, samples are first-class objects in the system. After all, labs pass entity samples between themselves that are aliquoted or extracted, tested in assays, sequences, or chemical structures identified and confirmed. CROs move samples in and out of storage in corporate repositories or send them out for analysis and testing. In Sapio, with our rich heritage of the world’s first entirely seamless ELN and LIMS, samples are fully incorporated into the lineage of the entities, and those entities are connected to all of the data generated about them.

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Visualize lineage

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a complete graphical lineage of any entity may be priceless! You can understand the entire history of your entity of interest in a single visual representation. For an ADC, see the antibody and small molecules it is composed of. In the same view, see the protein chains that formed the antibody and the plasmids and cDNA sequences used to express it for each of those. IP patent experts are able to view the entire lineage, saving them significant time searching and assembling information.

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Chemists and molecular biologists together 

Multimodal discovery means that different scientific teams are working together like never before. In many projects, cross-disciplinary teams of synthetic chemists and molecular biologics will contribute to the successful outcome. With Sapio’s unified registration system, a single entity can have a sequence, a HELM string, and an entire chemical structure on the same entity record. So, there is a single source of truth for the whole team without risk of different systems getting out of sync. Yet each scientist can visualize that entity in a way that makes sense to them – in sequence/annotation viewer for a biologist, in a HELM, or chemical editor for a chemist. 

Discover Sapio’s Unified
Multimodal Entity Registration

Unified registry features

The Sapio registry comes with built-in capabilities for a broad range of therapeutic entities

  • Natural and non-natural DNA, oligos, RNA and Proteins
  • Bioconjugates including ADCs
  • Small molecules and peptides
  • Uniqueness checking for each entity
  • Assign registry IDs
  • Batch load SDF, HELM, FastA, Genbank
  • View annotated sequences
  • View HELM structures
  • Blast search and chemical search
  • Extensible data model

Leading research labs choose Sapio.

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Do you have questions about unified registration?

We’d love to answer them.

Does your registration system work with your ELN ?

Yes, while you can register entities directly into the registration system, registering from the ELN is much more common as you work on an experiment. Firstly, any experiment can retrieve entities that may be consumed in that experiment, e.g., an antibody, linker, and payload in an ADC experiment. Then, directly from the ELN, the uniqueness of a newly created entity can be checked, and the entity registered is novel or a new batch/lot created if not. All without leaving the ELN experiment.

Do I have to use two registration systems if I work with biologics and small molecules?

No, Sapio provides a single registration system to capture all types of biologics, small molecules, and mixed entities. This means there is always a single source of truth, whatever the type, whether you are a chemist or biologist, and there is no danger of two systems getting out of sync.

What is the importance Sapio’s LIMS system to registration?

Sapio’s heritage of a best-in-class LIMS teaches us that sample management is paramount. Many registration systems come from vendors with a history in bioinformatics or cheminformatics. This leads them to naturally focus on the entity’s structure at the biological or small molecule entity level (although rarely both!), but samples are either disconnected or an afterthought. But samples are critical. After all, entities are not sequenced, subjected to analytical chemistry, assayed, or moved to collaborators via requests – samples of those entities are. In the Sapio registration system, samples are directly tied to batches or lots of an entity, are fully represented in the lineage, can be tracked through aliquots, and connect the entity to all the results that are generated about it.

How much does Sapio’s lab software cost?

We offer several editions of our software that can be tailored to each customer’s level of requirements. Check out our pricing page to learn more about pricing and features for our Gold, Silver, and Bronze editions.

Why should I trust Sapio?

Sapio is widely regarded by our customers as a trusted partner, and we are dedicated to transparency and truthfulness in all that we do. Visit our company page to learn more about The Sapio Seven—seven principles that underpin our transformative solutions and daily work.

What if my team and I don’t have an IT department?

Our commitment to lowering the barriers to adoption starts during implementation. Our lab software, which includes chemistry LIMS, ELN, and Jarvis, is fully cloud-based and requires nothing more than a modern web browser. Simply sign up and go, and benefit from our suite of powerful out-of-the-box tools, which make it easy to get started even if this is your first foray into sample management software.

What kind of support is available to Sapio customers?

Sapio Sciences customers gain free access to our support forum whenever they create a free account. In addition, our resource library provides useful information about chemistry LIMS and electronic lab notebook software and offers customers access to whitepapers and further support.

Beyond our forum and resource library, the entire Sapio team is dedicated to supporting our customers in meeting their clinical-related objectives now and in the future. We consider ourselves true partners and are proud of the level of support we provide. You can contact our sales and customer support teams for further advice.

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