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Lab Integration Software: Sapio JarvisSM

Sapio Jarvis ℠ enterprise-wide lab data integration solution, unified and easily accessible by any scientist.

Prepare for the AI revolution. A science-aware™ lab data integration solution made for modern science.

Sapio Jarvis is science-aware™ lab integration software made for modern science that manages, fuses and harmonizes your collective scientific data. It goes beyond single systems to integrate enterprise-wide instrument and system data to unlock the full potential of your data. Streamlined data is then readily available to scientists through Sapio’s built-in analytics, third-party analysis tools, AI models, and a living knowledge graph that is highly searchable, fully contextualized, and designed for action.

You can’t build on broken data and legacy architectures – modern science and AI need a brand-new approach to integration that tears down the barriers to data adoption and use by scientists. As the volume of research data and the potential for AI models grows exponentially, siloed data becomes untenable. And yet, for most organizations, this information still resides across disparate instruments, systems, SDMS, or business intelligence tools that scientists struggle to use.

“All the biology data that is generated—assay data, data from advanced biology experiments—will exclusively reside in Sapio.”

— Director, BioTech Company

What makes lab integration software essential?

  • Harmonious instrument integration
  • Fully contextualized infrastructure integration 
  • System integration for no-code granular searchability
  • Truly integrated scientific analysis
instrument data

Harmonious instrument integration

Struggling to make your instrument and system data live in harmony? Automate data collection from 200+ instruments supported via file sweep or seamlessly integrate with new instruments through a flexible API. Seamlessly sync with project, experiment, entity, and sample data from your LIMS system and ELN. And automatically parse, process, and send data to your experiments and workflows using natural language rules.  

fully contextualized data

Fully contextualized infrastructure integration   

Without context, laboratory data lacks the meaning and utility needed to make a real difference in the scientific process. Supercharge your lab’s productivity and strengthen your discovery by instantly and automatically associating your data with a full range of scientific design entities in your lab informatics platform, including samples and specimens, at scale.  

granular searchability

System integration for no-code granular searchability

Export, import, analyze, repeat. Sound familiar? Put an end to the inefficient pattern once and for all with no-code searchability. Find and retrieve data across multiple sources at will with a built-in graphical query builder. Account for scientific variables like molecular substructure and similarity with search that is science-aware™, just like you. 

truly scientific analysis

Truly integrated scientific analysis

We believe scientific data should be analyzed in a scientific way and without friction for the scientific user. Create and view dashboards, chart instrument data, and render interactive scientific objects from right where you are. Apply bioinformatics and cheminformatics methods, including integrated flow cytometry gating and curve fitting. Embrace AI-powered discovery with Jarvis’s advanced neural networks.  

data silos to data synergy

Does your laboratory have a data problem?

Learn more about Sapio’s revolutionary approach to empower scientists
with unified access to enterprise-wide lab data.

A true platform. A class of one.

Your data, your LIMS, your ELN… we call it the Sapio Triple Play.

Ever think you’re getting a true platform until you try to run a scientific analysis, then incorporate the results into your experiments?

Say goodbye to disparate workflows and hello to truly unified lab informatics with the Sapio Triple Play—a single, unified platform experience for modern scientists. The Sapio Platform manages your workflows, your experiments and your data in one interface with built-in scientific tools, integrated AI, no-code configurability, and much more.

Sapio Jarvis is one part of a unified whole. Explore the fullness of a platform that is effortless to use and easy to love.  

Sapio Platform

One common substance, one unified experience.

Learn more about our lab informatics platform

Sapio LIMS

The low-code LIMS made for scientists, not database engineers.

Learn more about our LIMS software

Sapio Lab Notebook

A lab notebook that works the way scientists do.

Learn more about our electronic lab notebook

platform of three class of one
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How will you use Jarvis?

Check out our use cases to see how users across your organization can benefit from Jarvis.

For: Lab scientists in a core facility

There are plenty of tools that optimize a single portion of the data management workflow, but a solution that addresses unification, searchability, analysis, and reporting in a single platform can deliver transformative advantages.

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For: Project scientists

Most scientists face a significant gap between data collection and utilization. A science-aware™ platform can empower scientists with uninhibited data access for decision-driving insight.  

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For: Research IT Teams

While building integrations across instruments and with the LIMS or ELN may seem more cost-effective and efficient than an outside solution, an effective data platform offers significant time savings, seamless scalability, and much more.  

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Features of high-powered lab integration software

Sapio Jarvis is more than an SDMS, it is a scientific data integration solution that powers meaningful insight for today’s scientists. Here are some of what you’ll find inside.

  • Protein & molecule viewer  
  • Plasmid editor & viewer  
  • System-wide search  
  • Flow cytometry analytics  
  • Best response curve
  • 4/5 PL curve 
  • ANOVA  
  • Data charting 
  • Neural network 

Insights from the expert.

Have questions about choosing the right scientific data integration platform? Check out our Q&A with Rob Brown, Senior Director of Product Marketing.

Why is fragmented instrument and research data an issue?

tmb why is fragmented instrument and research data an issue

When is scientific data consolidation not a priority?

tmb when is scientific data consolidation not a priority

What are benefits of a science-aware approach to consolidating scientific data?

tmb what are the benefits of a science aware approach to consolidating

What is the business case for a science-aware approach to consolidating scientific data?

tmb what is the business case for a science aware approach

How can a better approach to scientific data management support the use of AI and ML?

tmb how can a better approach to scientific data management support ai

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Do you have questions about lab integration software?

We’d love to answer them.

How is Jarvis lab integration software different from an SDMS?

A scientific data management system, or SDMS, is a tool used to store and organize documentation and data from a diverse range of laboratory instruments. Its core functions include capturing, cataloguing, and archiving data for future reference. While these tools provide utility in their ability to gather disparate data in a common location, they are not optimized to address modern science’s data dilemma for a number of reasons.

First, an SDMS is by nature a passive tool. The relationship between the SDMS is largely unidirectional as opposed to bidirectional, making it difficult for scientists to both access their data and add to their data simultaneously. In addition, the Electronic Lab Notebook software. In this way, it represents another silo—albeit one that is wholly focused on data. In addition, an SDMS tends to focus on the logistical aspects of data management rather than the scientific ones.

By contrast, Sapio Jarvis is a Science-aware™ data integration tool that goes beyond passive data repositories with a living knowledge graph that is made for modern science. With Science-aware™ search, built-in scientific analysis, and a tightly integrated relationship to scientific objects throughout the rest of the laboratory workflow, Sapio Jarvis is the only solution to solve the data challenge at the heart of modern science—and do so without any need for code.

What are the benefits of having data capabilities built in?

Since Sapio Jarvis is built-in to the Sapio Lab Informatics Platform, scientists do not need to depart from their core workflow in order to access, utilize, and analyze their data. Jumping between systems takes time and detracts from scientific progress. In addition to the obvious efficiency benefit, having built-in data integration capabilities actually benefits the science itself. The scientific data that resides in Jarvis is contextually related to specimens, samples, and other scientific objects, which are instantly updated across a laboratory’s many experiments and workflows. That means scientists have access to better and more usable information that can be readily used to form more meaningful conclusions and insights. Robust science-aware™ analytics are built in too—allowing scientists to perform highly sophisticated calculations in seconds, all within their electronic lab notebook.

Do I need a separate business intelligence tool?

The need for a business intelligence tool, which involves importing data—often from multiple sources—and running analytics against it, is naturally satisfied by lab integration software. In addition to allowing scientists to stop importing disparate data and outsourcing analytics to an outside tool, Jarvis actually delivers more intelligence that is made for scientific needs. Many BI tools on the market are vertical-agnostic and fail to satisfy specific scientific use cases. Jarvis is equipped with built-in scientific calculations and visualizations, including flow analytics for high throughput applications.

Will Jarvis integrate with ELN and LIMS solutions across my organization?

If you’re using other ELN and LIMS software across your organization, you are like the vast majority of pharmaceutical organizations. Just as Jarvis can integrate data across instruments, it can also harmonize data against other lab informatics systems. Jarvis enables organizations using several ELNs and LIMS to enjoy many of the benefits of standardization, even though standard systems are not used for core lab informatics functions.

At the same time, when used with the entirety of the Sapio Platform, Jarvis is nothing short of magical. Clients who have opted to embrace Sapio LIMS and Sapio ELN with Jarvis have seen truly transformative results.

What if I need to integrate data from a new instrument?

Please do. The addition of new instruments is a welcome and exciting aspect of modern science. In addition to the 200+ instruments Sapio Jarvis supports via file sweep, our flexible API makes it easy to integrate with others. Whether you’re integrating via file sweep or API, you will enjoy the same standardized, searchable, contextualized instrument data at scale.

Why should I trust Sapio with my data?

Your data is your laboratory’s important asset, and the partner you entrust is arguably even more important than the platform. We are proud to serve some of the world’s largest and fastest growing pharma and biotech companies and believe that our lab informatics platform is the best available anywhere.

In addition, our platform employs a secure, state-of-the-art architecture that protects our clients’ sensitive scientific data. We are SOC 2 certified, and take our commitment to best-in-class cybersecurity practices seriously.

Beyond great technology, we work as a dedicated partner to our clients and are humbled to support them in their novel and important scientific work. Visit our company page to learn more about The Sapio Seven—seven principles that are foundational to our mission and products.

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