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Streamline workflows with Sapio’s configurable sample management software.

With Sapio’s no-code sample management software solution, you’re able to take control of your sample and specimen tracking processes like never before. Built to suit your lab’s requirements, our platform unlocks efficient capturing of all data and allows you to implement sample reception, registry, tracking and reporting to eliminate disjointed systems that hinder productivity.

In the rapidly evolving world of laboratories, sample management poses numerous challenges. From the initial stages of sample ordering and receiving to the critical steps of storage, processing, analysis, and result delivery, the journey can be full of pitfalls that fragment your process, fog your decision-making ability, and jeopardize your pipeline. Sapio sample management and tracking software is the answer.

Sapio LIMS & ELN delivers seamless sample management solutions.

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End-to-End Sample Workflow 

From sample ordering to receiving, managing diverse material formats, storage and location management, monitoring sample usage, lineage, inventory and expiration dates, analytics, decision support, and reordering – sample management requires a comprehensive approach that can adapt to your specific process and how each organization manages samples.

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Comprehensive Sample Tracking  

With Sapio Sample Management, take advantage of a robust sample system. Once samples are registered, they can be approved, received, and their storage location can be entered and monitored. Drill into sample details to reveal a lineage map or display all associated experiments and data files. Take control of your sample processing today.

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Freezer Management 

Manage and track all types of samples such as compounds, DNA/RNA samples, reagents and more with no limits.

Sapio provides a best-in-class storage UX with interactive drag-and-drop. Quickly move items in bulk such as a rack from one freezer to another. All freezer events, such as in and out, are tracked with computed freeze/thaw cycle times.

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Request and Workflow Management

Sapio supports the requesting of all types of samples and the fulfillment of requests whether via tubes, plates, or more complex criteria such as dilutions.

Sapio integrates with leading robotics automation platforms to ensure the quality of transfers and data fulfillment and to increase lab throughput. Sapio provides graphical lineage tracking to quickly view and navigate sample derivatives, aliquots and related samples.

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Laboratory Compliance  

Sapio makes it easy to adhere to regulatory requirements. Our sample management software has the most extensive permissions controls in the industry enabling a complete role-based definition of access to functions and data. All data changes are audit-logged and traceable, so no critical events are lost or untraceable.

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Automate Your Enterprise Systems

With Sapio, you can take sample management above and beyond by automating many aspects of your unique process. For example, configure Sapio Sample Management with custom rules: notify and nudge staff when inventory runs low or request approval for reordering. Go even further by integrating Sapio’s API with your ERP.

Experience why Sapio is an ideal platform for the future of Sample Management.

Sample Management Software Features

Get enterprise-wide visibility of samples, materials, locations, inventory, and ordering with Sapio’s lab sample management software.

  • Sample Registration
  • Sample Order Portal
  • Sample Lineage  
  • Location Tracking
  • Materials Management
  • Workflow Automation 
  • Inventory Management   
  • Advanced Search and Charting

Scientific leaders choose Sapio.

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Do you have questions about sample management software?

We’d love to answer them.

How much does Sapio’s sample management software cost?

We offer several editions of our sample management software that can be tailored to each customer’s level of requirements. Check out our pricing page to learn more about pricing and features for our Gold, Silver, and Bronze editions.

Why should I trust Sapio?

Sapio is widely regarded by our customers as a trusted partner, and we are dedicated to transparency and truthfulness in all that we do. Visit our company page to learn more about The Sapio Seven—seven principles that underpin our transformative solutions and daily work.

What if my team and I don’t have an IT department?

Our commitment to lowering the barriers to adoption starts during implementation. Our sample management and tracking software, which includes LIMS, ELN, and Jarvis, is fully cloud-based and requires nothing more than a modern web browser. Simply sign up and go, and benefit from our suite of powerful out-of-the-box tools, which make it easy to get started even if this is your first foray into sample management software.

What kind of support is available to Sapio customers?

Sapio Sciences customers gain free access to our support forum whenever they create a free account. In addition, our resource library provides useful information about lab sample management software and offers customers access to whitepapers and further support.

Beyond our forum and resource library, the entire Sapio team is dedicated to supporting our customers in meeting their clinical-related objectives now and in the future. We consider ourselves true partners and are proud of the level of support we provide. You can contact our sales and customer support teams for further advice.

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