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Let Sapio increase your productivity by streamlining sample accessioning, storage management, sample requesting, lifecycle tracking, workflow management, and much more.

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Advanced Sample Management Software from the Leader in Digital Transformation

Sapio is the only sample management software solution built on a low-code, no-code informatics platform combining an exceptional user experience that’s seamlessly integrated with our comprehensive LIMS and ELN products.

Sapio Sciences offers a scalable laboratory information management system for all your lab sample needs. Our seamless platform’s automation dramatically reduces and simplifies your workload, while encouraging collaboration with your peers.

Easily support and track sample requesting, registration, storage, and results delivery. Sapio’s informatics platform eliminates inefficient lab practices and brings every step of your research onto a cloud-based platform that tracks every process along the way. Following are highlights from our sample manager and LIMS software.

Sample registration

Maintain a digital record of your sample inventory and all related meta and assay data, both current and historical.

Sample location tracking

Sample storage locations, quantities, and concentrations recorded during sample preparation are maintained and searchable.

Extreme automation

Extensive and proven integrations with instruments such as liquid handler robotics and sample QC instrumentation to support clinical and research workflows

Search and visualize

Sapio’s platform-leading search tools enable you to create targeted searches to find any information you need based on any criteria. Use Sapio’s built-in charting tools to visualize the results as needed.

Sapio’s Core Sample Management Platform Key Features

Freezer Management

Sapio Storage Management enables completely flexible tracking of all sample types with fully configurable storage locations

Go beyond traditional single solution applications without sacrificing leading edge functionality for managing and tracking all types of samples such as compounds, DNA/RNA samples, reagents and more. There are no limits on the material types that can be tracked or the format of the storage locations you can configure.

Sapio’s Freezer Management solution not only provides a flexible structure, but presents best-in-class graphical display of your storage with interactive drag-and-drop of storable items into and out of storage. You can also easily move items in bulk such as a rack from one freezer to another and the Sapio system will keep all the relevant sample data up to date. All freezer events are tracked such as in and out events with computed freeze/thaw cycle times.

All these functions are part of Sapio’s leading low-code, no-code informatics platform that is offered as a cloud based solution or on premise. You can license just the features you need and add more later as needed.

Request and Workflow Management

Sapio supports sample requests with complete request and fulfillment tracking

Sapio’s lab management software solution is a complete end-to-end offering supporting requesting of samples of all types and the fulfillment of those requests whether via tubes or plates and with or without more complex criteria such as dilutions support.

Sapio also integrates with all leading robotics automation platforms to ensure quality of transfers and data fulfillment and to increase lab throughput. Sapio has complete graphical lineage tracking so you can easily see samples derivatives and aliquots and navigate to any related samples in the lineage, whether plate-based, or tube-based.

Sapio’s interactive process queue dashboard will always display real time information on the work to be done by the fulfillment department as well as in progress work so they can easily see and act on requests.

A Compliant Solution

Sapio is the best sample management solution for lab compliance

Sapio makes it easy to adhere to regulatory requirements. The platform has the most extensive permissions controls in the industry enabling complete role-based definition of access to functions and data. All data changes are also completely audit logged and traceable, so no important events are lost or untraceable.

LIMS and ELN Software With Sample Management Software Integration

Sapio’s low-code, no-code informatics platform allows users to manage, track, and analyze all of their lab data and lab samples with fully integrated electronic notebook, laboratory information management, and scientific data management systems.

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