Bioanalysis LIMS & ELN

A unified platform for flexible and reproducible bioanalytical studies.

flexible and reproducible bioanalytical studies

Give your bioanalytical assays and studies a boost with Sapio’s adaptive bioanalysis LIMS & ELN platform.

Our bioanalytical platform pairs configurability with control. Made to maximize scientific autonomy while minimizing room for error, Sapio LIMS & ELN delivers the built-in data validation, study design, and information management capabilities needed to enable today’s complex bioanalytical workflows.

In recent years, the industry has seen steep growth in bioanalytical studies, but current market growth numbers indicate the boom has just begun. Projected to rise at a CAGR of 13.7% from 2023 to 2030, bioanalysis plays an essential role in characterizing large molecules and evaluating their performance through pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics studies. In addition to the scale and complexity of its data, bioanalysis involves the careful management of quality standards, and seamless workflows that can be reproduced easily.

Sapio LIMS & ELN delivers a complete solution for the bioanalysis pipeline.

icon master assay creation

Master assay creation and quality control

In a few simple steps, create a master assay in Sapio that can be used to enforce quality across all of your analytes. Ensure standards and QC samples meet the mark without exception using built-in curve fitting and statistics. Connect it all by scaling validation and QC from your experiments to your studies.

icon supercharge productivity

Supercharge scientific productivity

If it feels like it was made for you, that’s because it was. Enjoy a world of dynamic tools for scientists, not coders, including our 3D plater, bioanalytical templates, and reusable assays. Sapio is the sworn enemy of monotony and busywork—and the best friend of bioanalysts everywhere.

icon study management

Manage studies seamlessly

Track dosing, operations, measurements, and samples over time with Sapio’s science-aware™ study management templates, analytics, and dashboards. Watch your study progress before your eyes using at-a-glance graphs, intuitive Gantt charts, and an integrated calendar view.

icon unified experience

Enjoy one unified experience

Sapio flexibly supports the entire bioanalysis pipeline without custom code—from study set up, to sample preparation and processing, method design and validation, execution and analysis. Use pre-built bioanalytical templates as a starting point and configure to your liking—no programmers needed.

Experience why Sapio is the ideal software choice for bioanalysis.

Bioanalytical Features

Sapio comes with everything scientists need to support standardized, scalable bioanalysis studies. Here are some of the features that make Sapio the platform of choice for bioanalytical companies.

  • Pre-built bioanalytical templates
  • Instrument management
  • Materials management
  • Method development
  • Reagent preparation
  • Sample preparation
  • STD & QC for calibration
  • Method validation
  • Method execution
  • Interactive 3D plater
  • Reusable assays
  • Science-aware™ data analysis and visualization
  • Support for GLP compliance and SOPs

Scientific leaders choose Sapio LIMS & ELN.

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