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Drive winning productivity and support the needs of your multifaceted customer base. 

As science has become more complex, the demand for outsourcing has continued to grow. Contract research organizations require an effective way to support customers’ specialized requirements while adhering to critical project timelines and making operational efficiency a distinguishing characteristic of their business.

The Sapio Platform delivers an end-to-end solution built to empower scientists and accelerate productivity and prioritize scientific excellence. Equipped with out-of-the-box scientific tools, no-code configurability, a living knowledge graph, and more, Sapio makes life in the lab simple and enables clinical research organizations to meet uncompromising project timelines and win lasting customer loyalty.


The market for outsourced drug discovery is expected to grow at a 7.3% CAGR through 2030.1

Relevant solutions for contract research organizations

Discover lab informatics solutions to empower your discovery workflows.

Sapio Research

Enjoy radical configurability and unprecedented scale.

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Sapio NGS

A platform that simplifies the scale and complexity of your NGS workflows.

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Sapio Chemistry

A unified solution for small molecule discovery.

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More throughput, and more flexibility than ever.

As the pace of discovery intensifies, Sapio delivers contract research organizations the tools they need to accelerate discovery, satisfy their clients, and operate profitably. Discover how.

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Level up your productivity.

With tight project timelines, numerous clients, and an eye on profitability, CROs have to work fast. Sapio empowers CROs to work faster and better with a user-friendly interface, automated tools, and one login across solutions. With less time spent on manual data entry and more time spent on science, CROs can serve their clients better and improve performance along the way.

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Create specialized workflows in record time.

CROs are an epicenter of specialized workflows as they work to meet the needs of their customers across specialties and stages of the pipeline. Sapio offers built-in tools and templates for bioanalysis, bioprocessing, flow cytometry, next-generation sequencing, and much more. In addition, Sapio supports radical configurability without code, enabling scientists to adapt and optimize their workflows, in their way. Your customer’s molecule progressed? Adapt in stride. New service offering? Ramp swiftly and seamlessly.

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Work together to win.

Continuity is critical as CROs transfer projects across stages and departments within their organization. Sapio brings together insights, workflows, and experiments in one, unified solution so that scientists can access reliable information in one place. The Sapio Platform enables scientists to work simultaneously on the same project without disruption, to collaborate without ever leaving the platform, and to reuse experiments and workflows without redundancy.

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Prioritize quality and comply.

Contract research organizations are held to the highest quality standards by customers, regulators, and leadership teams. Sapio enables CROs to maintain a timely and accurate audit trail, while delivering the configurable reporting capabilities needed to provide transparency to customers and regulatory bodies alike.

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Progress, with full context.

To inform processes and maximize customer success, CROs require deep visibility into data from samples, instruments, experiments, and materials. Sapio brings data to life in a science-aware™ knowledge graph, with a complete view of current and historical data and dynamic searchability that allows scientists to easily find the information they need with full scientific context. In addition, the platform supports rich scientific analysis with powerful data visualizations, AI modeling, and more.

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Do you have questions about our solutions for contract research organizations?

We’d love to answer them.

Why do I need a lab informatics solution?

A lab informatics solution provides value to traditional pharmaceutical and biotechnology organizations, but its impact is even more salient for organizations that provide pharmaceutical services on a contract or outsourced basis. Today’s contract research organizations are home to variable workflows, intense data demands, distributed teams, and an unwavering focus on quality and efficiency without compromise. The right lab informatics platform will enable CROs to raise the bar for continuity and productivity, easily view and interpret scientific data, collaborate more efficiently, eliminate sources of waste and error, support regulatory requirements, and ultimately, serve their clients better than ever before.

Will the platform still work for my lab as our business grows?

We know that biotechnology organizations often experience rapid growth, and outgrowing your solution simply isn’t an option. That’s why our platform is built to scale and evolve with your organization and your molecule on its path to market. Our platform enables you to store and search massive volumes of historical data, handling into the billions of records without showing signs of slowing. Best of all, Sapio delivers a no-code / low code platform that enables you to configure and scale your workflows, in your way, without an army of coders.

My organization offers a range of services to our clients. Does Sapio support these specializations?

The Sapio Platform supports a broad range of workflow requirements and service areas, and does so right out of the box. With built-in tools for bioanalysis, flow cytometry data analytics, 3D plating, NGS, and much more, Sapio is equipped to handle many of the most complex and nuanced scientific requirements right from the start. In addition to its out of the box capabilities, the radical configurability afforded by the Sapio Platform enables CROs to seamlessly adapt the solution to specific client use cases without added technical intervention.

My lab continues to add new instruments. Can I integrate these with the platform?

We know that contract research organizations rely on a range of specialized instruments in their daily work, and this list is always growing as they monetize new service lines and further enhance their offer. Sapio supports direct integrations with over 200 instruments and provides flexible APIs to support any additional instrumentation. Our team members have deep integration expertise and are happy to help you develop a strategy that will meet your business’ requirements today and tomorrow.

How does the platform help me report to customers and regulatory bodies?

To aid in customer audits and support regulatory documentation, the Sapio Platform automatically maintains an accurate and accessible audit trail of critical product information. Sapio’s powerful searchability also enables scientists to easily find and view historical data points with full scientific context. Finally, Sapio’s built-in and custom reports enable labs to compile data for specific customer and regulatory asks with ease—all from within the same, science-aware platform.