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Power faster discovery with a flexible lab informatics platform that puts science first

The drug discovery market is highly competitive, and limited internal resources, complex workflow requirements, and large volumes of data can make the road to success challenging for biotechnology organizations. Imagine if your lab informatics solution empowered you to tackle these challenges with agility and ease, instead of serving as a barrier to discovery.

As the first true Lab Triple Play, the Sapio Platform empowers biotechnology organizations to automate workflows, contextualize data, collaborate seamlessly, and much more. With a solution that is simple to configure and easy to love, biotech scientists can spend more time on what matters most—scientific discovery.


In 2023, there were more than 21,000 drugs in the global R&D pipeline.1

Relevant solutions for biotechs

Discover lab informatics solutions to elevate your discovery workflows

Sapio NGS

Simplify complex NGS workflows without code.

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Sapio Research

Enjoy radical configurability and unprecedented scale.

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Sapio Bioanalysis

The complete solution for efficient sample management.

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Accelerate your drug pipeline

Science is complex enough, so your lab informatics solution should make life in the lab easier. Our solution is built to address your organization’s key challenges. Discover how.

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Flex to complex workflows

Specialized in NGS? Have complex bioanalytical requirements? The Sapio Platform provides built-in tools for a full range of scientific specialties. From in vivo study design to 3D plating, flow cytometry data analytics, and more, Sapio enables your lab to support complex workflows out of the box while adapting over time with ease and agility.

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One, easy to use experience

The endless ritual of logging in and logging out across multiple systems is a thing of the past. With Sapio, log in to a single solution for data management, lab information management and workflow orchestration, electronic lab notebooks, and scientific data management and unification. In addition, Sapio seamlessly integrates with your lab’s other solutions and instruments so that you can avoid duplicate data entry and achieve new levels of continuity.

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Scale as your needs evolve

As your organization expands and your molecule progresses on its path to market, you should not worry about whether your platform will be able to scale and flex. Sapio delivers a comprehensive, scalable solution that enables radical configurability and supports massive volumes of scientific data without breaking a sweat. Seamlessly add new workflows and users without the need for technical intervention.

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Automation does the work for you

In an era of rapid discovery, biotechnology organizations can’t afford to be held back by manual workflows and other common sources of inefficiency. Sapio automates calculations, sample management, instrument tracking, materials management, and more, empowering scientists to spend more of their time on science and less time overall. In addition, Sapio supports end-to-end tracking and traceability over experiments and assays for new levels of visibility and control.

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Make the most of your scientific data

A proper lab informatics platform enables you to make the most of your scientific data, instead of leaving you to sift through disparate insights. Sapio provides a science-aware™ knowledge graph – Sapio Jarvis – and high-powered searchability, allowing you to keep track of historical data and easily find key insights in an instant. Harness powerful data visualizations and meaningful reports to inform stronger decisions from right where you are—without ever leaving the platform.

Ready to see the Sapio Platform in action?

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Product Literature and Resources


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Do you have questions about our solutions for biotechnology research?

We’d love to answer them.

Why do I need a lab informatics solution?

A lab informatics solution can drive significant value for the smallest biotech and the largest pharmaceutical organization, and every discovery-focused organization in between. For biotechnology organizations in particular, the right lab informatics platform can help to automate tasks, centrally manage data, optimize resource utilization, and much more. Ultimately, this translates into less waste, more impact, and a faster path to market.

Will the platform still work for my lab as our business grows?

We know that biotechnology organizations often experience rapid growth, and outgrowing your solution simply isn’t an option. That’s why our platform is built to scale and evolve with your organization and your molecule on its path to market. Our platform enables you to store and search massive volumes of historical data, handling into the billions of records without slowing down. Best of all, Sapio delivers a no-code / low-code platform that enables you to configure and scale your workflows, in your way, without an army of coders.

How does the platform support compliance?

To help you maximize regulatory success and adapt to ever-evolving requirements, the Sapio Platform is a GxP-compliant solution that maintains a comprehensive audit trail and allows you to easily search through historical data and workflows. In addition, Sapio streamlines report generation, allowing you to contextualize insights and easily compile documentation for regulatory authorities.

My organization specializes in a particular research area. Does Sapio support these specializations?

The Sapio Platform supports the nuanced workflow requirements of the fastest-growing areas of discovery—satisfying the complex and highly distinct needs of both large and small molecule therapeutics. The best part? It does so out of the box so your lab can hit the ground running. With built-in tools for flow cytometry, NGS, 3D plating, bioanalysis, chemistry, and more, we put science first—just like you.

Does Sapio serve other organizations my size?

Sapio is the platform of choice for small biotech upstarts to growth-stage disruptors, mid-sized regional pharma organizations, and large multinational pharmaceutical companies. Sapio combines radical configurability with radical scalability to meet your organization right where you are, and make it feel like the platform was made just for you—without costly and time-consuming customization.