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A unified lab informatics solution for small molecule discovery workflows. 

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Deploy a single, flexible platform for all your research with Sapio’s chemistry LIMS & ELN.

Our chemistry software empowers the next wave of small molecule innovation. Combining chemistry intelligence with an electronic lab notebook, we deliver pre-built workflows, no-code flexibility, high-throughput scalability and in-platform collaboration to enable rapid, data-driven optimization. Pair this with the platform’s capabilities for sample and inventory management, and life in your chemistry lab becomes much easier.

Small molecules remain foundational to modern medicine, representing over half of all new drug approvals. But small molecule complexity is at an all-time high, driven by combination therapies, new synthesis methods, challenging targets, and a variety of other factors. There has never been a greater need for a configurable, unified chemistry lab software solution to cut through the complexity of small molecule research, which is both rapidly deployable and scalable, and enables easy collaboration.

Sapio LIMS & ELN deliver an end-to-end solution specialized for your chemistry lab. 

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Configured to make life easier 

With out-of-the-box templates made for small molecule synthesis, Sapio enables you to get started rapidly. Enter new reactions in multiple formats—by sketching directly in the chemistry ELN, uploading a file, or looking up existing reactions. Populate stoichiometry tables and procedures directly from the reaction and gain deeper insight with automated calculations. Seamlessly build out reaction schemes by automatically populating reagents from previous experiments. The best part? No custom code.

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Reuse, don’t repeat 

Why repeat a reaction or experiment that you or one of your colleagues have already successfully run? With Sapio, scientists can easily search across all known reactions in the chemistry ELN and then clone existing experiments and retain whatever data you choose. This empowers your lab to discover smarter and faster, without wasted effort.

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Manage compounds seamlessly 

Capture and uniquely identify all synthesized compounds, substances, and lots with Sapio’s 3-tier registration model. Then, instantly link them to samples in inventory and calculate key physicochemical properties for registered compounds. Capture chemical reagents in the reagent registry. Leverage chemically-aware search capabilities to quickly and easily find relevant compounds, with a full view of lineage. Finally, you’ve found a platform that enables you to search the way you think.

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Bring scientists together 

No one ever discovered the next big breakthrough in a silo. Energize innovation and enhance efficiency across your lab with built-in scientific collaboration. Work together on an experiment simultaneously, tag colleagues, and communicate across functions, such as your analytical core facilities and screening labs, or with external partners. Ensure that all of your scientists have access to the same, accurate and up-to-date information to eliminate knowledge gaps and make informed decisions that advance discovery.

Discover how Sapio can empower your chemistry lab to lead in the era of small molecule innovation.

Chemistry Features of Sapio LIMS & ELN

The Sapio Platform comes with built-in capabilities that are specialized for your complex small molecule discovery workflows.

  • Synthesis experiment capture
  • Build reaction schemes
  • Fast structure searching
  • Register compounds & reagents
  • In-line chemical sketching
  • Automated stoichometry calcs
  • Built-in collaboration
  • Sample management and storage
  • IUPAC Naming

Leading chemistry labs choose Sapio.

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Do you have questions about chemistry LIMS & ELN?

We’d love to answer them.

What is LIMS in chemistry?

Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) is a piece of software that acts as a central repository to store, manage and access the data gathered by your chemistry lab. Implementing LIMS software can help to automate your processes, optimize your workflows and efficiently large amounts of complex data.

How much does Sapio’s chemistry lab software cost?

We offer several editions of our analytical chemistry software that can be tailored to each customer’s level of requirements. Check out our pricing page to learn more about pricing and features for our Gold, Silver, and Bronze editions.

Why should I trust Sapio?

Sapio is widely regarded by our customers as a trusted partner, and we are dedicated to transparency and truthfulness in all that we do. Visit our company page to learn more about The Sapio Seven—seven principles that underpin our transformative solutions and daily work.

What if my team and I don’t have an IT department?

Our commitment to lowering the barriers to adoption starts during implementation. Our lab software, which includes chemistry LIMS, ELN, and Jarvis, is fully cloud-based and requires nothing more than a modern web browser. Simply sign up and go, and benefit from our suite of powerful out-of-the-box tools, which make it easy to get started even if this is your first foray into sample management software.

What kind of support is available to Sapio customers?

Sapio Sciences customers gain free access to our support forum whenever they create a free account. In addition, our resource library provides useful information about chemistry LIMS and electronic lab notebook software and offers customers access to whitepapers and further support.

Beyond our forum and resource library, the entire Sapio team is dedicated to supporting our customers in meeting their clinical-related objectives now and in the future. We consider ourselves true partners and are proud of the level of support we provide. You can contact our sales and customer support teams for further advice.

Allow us to show you how Sapio LIMS & ELN will support your chemistry requirements from the start.

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