Flow Cytometry Analysis Software

Integrated flow Cytometry data analysis software that utilizes automation for advanced data analysis and visualization.

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Make data-driven decisions with Flow Cytometry software

Flow Cytometry is a powerful technique used by many laboratories in their R&D efforts to gather valuable insights into the complexity of biological systems. Scientists spend extensive time and effort on this task, slowing down their research efforts. 

To speed up this process, Sapio’s Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) offers users built-in flow cytometry data analysis capabilities to automate and enhance data analysis. By applying our expertise in machine learning to flow cytometry data, scientists benefit from gating automation and other time-saving features. This enables scientists to spend more time on uncovering key insights to accelerate their research.  

Sapio’s Flow is compatible with popular data files—from all acquisition software packages and cytometers.

Sapio Flow simplifies flow cytometry analysis for maximized productivity

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Gating automation

Using machine learning, Sapio Flow provides gating automation that eliminates variability and subjectivity associated with manual gating, ensuring consistent and reproducible results. It also accelerates the analysis process, particularly with large or complex datasets, by swiftly identifying the optimal gating strategy.

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Easy data management

Sapio Flow has an intuitive interface that’s designed for scientists. It’s easy to import raw flow cytometry data, create dot plots and histograms, as well as draw gates and add statistics. Data is stored in a secure and structured format, ensuring data integrity and preventing loss, with search and retrieve functionality for quick access to previous experiments and results.

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Reporting and annotation

Uncover insights and share knowledge with the ability to add annotations, comments, and metadata to individual samples, improving data context and collaboration. Perform batch analysis and create customizable reports that enable you to present your data and research findings clearly.

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Seamless integration

No more working in silos. Sapio Flow ELN integrates seamlessly with Sapio LIMS software and Sapio Jarvis to provide unified lab informatics with no-code workflows. By integrating essential lab informatic platforms, scientists benefit from seamless data management, a culture of collaboration and increased productivity. That’s why modern labs choose Sapio. 

Experience why Sapio is the best choice for Flow Cytometry.

Features of Sapio Flow ELN

Sapio Flow is seamlessly integrated with ELN software, providing a modern interface that requires no software download.

  • Drag and drop fcs files 
  • View histograms
  • Machine learning based QC of fcs files
  • Automated gating of flow data
  • Create manual gates with drawing options
  • View metrics around the gated fcs data
  • Apply a compensation matrix to your data
  • Save and share your gating strategies with colleagues

Leading laboratories choose Sapio for Flow Cytometry analysis

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Do you have questions about flow cytometry software?

We’d love to answer them.

What is flow cytometry data analysis software?

Flow cytometry data analysis software is a specialized tool designed for processing and interpreting data obtained from flow cytometry experiments. It assists researchers in gating, visualizing, and analyzing the data generated by flow cytometers. This type of platform is essential for researchers in fields like immunology, cell biology, and clinical diagnostics to understand complex biological samples.

Learn more about flow cytometry analysis.

How do you analyze data from flow cytometry?

Flow cytometry data analysis will typically follow this process:

– Import raw flow cytometry data files into analysis software.
– Define gating strategies to identify cell populations.
– Apply compensation and normalization as necessary.
– Perform statistical analysis to extract relevant information.
– Visualize and export results for further interpretation or reporting.

Does Sapio offer flow cytometry data analysis software for free?

Sapio Flow ELN is completely free for academics! If you are a student or faculty at a university, you can sign up and use it immediately at no cost.

Click Here to Use Sapio Bronze ELN or learn more about our pricing.

What is the alternative to FlowJo?

Legacy tools like FlowJo™ have been the mainstay of flow cytometry analytics but are not usable within web based ELN’s and have outdated interfaces. Sapio’s Flow tool is seamlessly integrated within its world class electronic lab notebook and has a modern interface that requires no software download.

Allow us to show you how Sapio Flow ELN will support your flow cytometry analysis.

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