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drug discovery with ai

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Create experiments in seconds with ELaiN

ELaiN dramatically accelerates the manual task of creating new experiments. Use the ‘Prompt to Experiment’ feature to quickly create a new experiment from scratch, allowing you to get started quickly and minimize time spent on setup. Save your experiments as reusable templates for even greater efficiency.

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Find any data point instantly

Sapio AI enables new levels of productivity by allowing scientists to find exactly what they’re looking for, where and when they need it. Chat with Sapio AI to find a particular data point, workflow, or experiment, then visualize that data to gain meaningful insight.

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Accelerate coding workflows

Scientists should focus on their science, not coding. With Sapio AI, request Python code to perform a particular task, and watch it generate right before your eyes. Support the unique requirements of your organization without laborious customization and adapt seamlessly as your needs evolve.

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Enhance product knowledge

Unsure how to perform a particular task inside the platform? Use Sapio’s AI-powered support agent to receive step-by-step instructions in an instant. Sapio AI enables your organization to empower scientists and enhance self-sufficiency, breaking down roadblocks that stand in the way of discovery.

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Embrace AI-enabled experiments and workflows with Sapio.

Sapio has always been relentlessly focused on empowering the scientist and accelerating their important work. We believe that artificial intelligence will enable a new wave of scientific productivity and progress, which is why ML has been part of our platform from the very start. With Sapio, scientists don’t need to wait to embrace AI in their daily work—they can access a science-aware™ AI assistant here and now.

Sapio leverages large language models (LLM) that enable scientists to rapidly create experiments, generate code, ask for support, and search and visualize their data. In turn, scientists can achieve new levels of efficiency, speed, and insight—all with a simple chat interface that is built into their core lab informatics solution.

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