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Create experiments in seconds

ELaiN dramatically accelerates the manual task of creating new experiments. Use the ‘Prompt to Experiment’ feature to quickly create a new experiment from scratch, allowing you to get started quickly and minimize time spent on setup. Save your experiments as reusable templates for even greater efficiency.

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Find any data point instantly

Sapio AI enables new levels of productivity by allowing scientists to find exactly what they’re looking for, where and when they need it. Chat with Sapio AI to find a particular data point, workflow, or experiment, then visualize that data to gain meaningful insight.

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Accelerate coding workflows

Scientists should focus on their science, not coding. With Sapio AI, request Python code to perform a particular task, and watch it generate right before your eyes. Support the unique requirements of your organization without laborious customization and adapt seamlessly as your needs evolve.

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Enhance product knowledge

Unsure how to perform a particular task inside the platform? Use Sapio’s AI-powered support agent to receive step-by-step instructions in an instant. Sapio AI enables your organization to empower scientists and enhance self-sufficiency, breaking down roadblocks that stand in the way of discovery.

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Embrace AI-enabled experiments and workflows with Sapio.

Sapio has always been relentlessly focused on empowering the scientist and accelerating their important work. We believe that artificial intelligence will enable a new wave of scientific productivity and progress, which is why ML has been part of our platform from the very start. With Sapio, scientists don’t need to wait to embrace AI in their daily work—they can access a science-aware™ AI assistant here and now.

Sapio leverages large language models (LLM) that enable scientists to rapidly create experiments, generate code, ask for support, and search and visualize their data. In turn, scientists can achieve new levels of efficiency, speed, and insight—all with a simple chat interface that is built into their core lab informatics solution.

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What is an AI assistant for scientists?  

AI has received a lot of buzz across industries, and life sciences is no exception. But there is a big chasm between many AI solutions and any kind of real utility for scientists. An AI assistant for scientists couples advanced large language models and generative AI with a real understanding of science to support scientists in accelerating their daily work.  

An AI-powered scientific assistant can help scientists with a variety of meaningful tasks, including creating experiments, searching for scientific data, running analyses, streamlining stock management, configuring solution capabilities, accessing product support, and so much more.  

All of this can be done with a simple, natural language, chat-based interface that resides directly within a lab’s core informatics solution. In other words, the scientist doesn’t need to leave their Electronic Lab Notebook or LIMS software to benefit from AI. Instead, they can take advantage of AI from right where they are. As technology continues to advance, the meaning of an AI assistant for scientists will continue to evolve, bringing even more possibilities to scientific workflows that empower scientists and accelerate the pace of science.  

What is the top obstacle to AI adoption in science?  

As with any technology, adoption is a process. But the chief obstacle we see in AI adoption within science is data readiness. Due in equal measure to system fragmentation, legacy architectures, and exceedingly complex data, many scientific organizations’ data is nowhere near ready to embrace AI-powered discovery. No matter how frictionless or intuitive or useful a generative AI tool is, without quality data, scientists will never unlock its full benefit. System consolidation can help combat this problem in some organizations, but it isn’t always feasible nor is it necessary to address this challenge. Instead, scientists and other stakeholders should look to data unification or lab data integration as a way to prepare their data for AI. 

How is Sapio leading the way for AI in lab informatics? 

Sapio was started as an AI and machine learning company, far before the lab was ready to embrace AI’s full potential. Now, as AI has progressed and advanced, particularly with the rise of Large Language Models (LLM), we’ve incorporated AI in a way that is intuitive and accessible for scientists. Our solution delivers the first AI-powered scientific assistant, which scientists can access right within their ELN and LIMS. We’ve always been committed to accelerating science and making life easier for scientists, and we know that novel technologies are an important part of doing so.  

But ELaiN is just one part of how we are enabling science’s AI-enabled future. A foundational prerequisite to embracing AI is having the structured data to do so. Our lab informatics platform is the first one on the market to provide a unified, AI-chat assistant, which enables our customers to innovate strides ahead of the rest of the industry in their adoption of AI. And we are taking the data unification challenge head-on with Jarvis, which enables customers to unify disparate system and instrument data in a way that makes it usable for scientists and AI to consume.  

What sets ELaiN apart from other AI solutions?  

Beyond being the world’s first AI-powered scientific assistant, ELaiN is a powerful collaborator that enables scientists to work faster, smarter, and more efficiently than ever before. By asking questions and assigning tasks in their natural language, scientists can work with ELaiN to design new experiments, perform analysis, bring context to their data, and much more.  

The distinguishing factor between ELaiN and other chat-based interfaces within our industry is its science-awareness, the same thing that has always distinguished our platform. By putting science first, we are able to bring new utility to every capability in our platform—including the ways in which we harness AI. ELaiN doesn’t just scratch the surface. Instead, it is built upon a deep understanding of what scientists need to speed up science.  

How does ELaiN fit into my existing lab workflows?  

ELaiN is embedded directly within the Sapio platform. That means no additional configuration or outside tools are needed to integrate ELaiN into your daily work. Simply navigate to ELaiN within the platform, ask her anything, and watch as daily tasks become simpler and faster than ever before.  

How are scientists using AI through ELaiN today?  

Scientists are accelerating science by harnessing ELaiN in a variety of ways, from making product support quicker and fostering stronger utilization across their teams, to harnessing prompt-based experiment creation, checking stock levels, finding and analyzing scientific data, and so much more. As our customers continue to embrace ELaiN and the many ways in which she can make daily tasks easier and faster, we have been surprised and delighted by the truly innovative use cases that continue to emerge. And this is just the beginning. We are actively advancing ELaiN to increase the rigor of her scientific capabilities and make an even greater impact on the speed of science.  

How is my data protected when using ELaiN?  

With ELaiN, each Sapio customer will have its own, dedicated neural network. That means every query that you submit or prompt will go to a distinct neural network that can only be accessed by your lab.  

Furthermore, the Sapio Platform employs a secure, state-of-the-art architecture that protects our clients’ sensitive scientific data. We are SOC 2 certified, and we take our commitment to best-in-class cybersecurity practices seriously.  

In addition, our unified LIMS and ELN platform has been validated for use in labs that follow “good practice” (GMP, GLP, and GCP) quality guidelines and regulations (validated to ISPE GAMP 5 standards, 21 CFR Part 11, Annex 11). Data protection and integrity are critical aspects of these standards.  

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