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informatics approach

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Science is all about questioning. Why then is the search for an informatics platform marked by incumbent solution categories, few questions, and no real answers?

The reality is, many of the market’s leading LIMS and ELN solutions leave scientists wanting—reluctant to adopt, unable to innovate, and hamstrung when it comes to unlocking their intended benefits.

Why? Because they are not science-aware™.

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    A Science-Aware Approach to Lab Informatics

    The problem with most LIMS and ELN solutions, and 5 markers of a science-aware™ approach.

    The difference between a solution that is merely tolerated by scientists versus one that they truly loved is whether or not it is science-aware. In this guide, we’ll tell you all about what it means to be a science-aware™ lab informatics platform, and why it makes all the difference in your scientific work.

    Together, we’ll ask all the right questions, including:

    • What do scientists need in a laboratory informatics platform?
    • Why do so many solutions leave them wanting?
    • What is a science-aware™ platform and why does it matter?
    • How does the platform you choose shape the lab you will become?
    • What criteria define a platform that is truly science-aware™?

    So, what does science-aware™ mean anyway?

    Understanding the markers of a science-aware™ platform is key to making the lab informatics choice. Keep scrolling to explore all five, or access the whole guide here.

    MARKER 1


    • All of the data in one place
    • Powerful searchability
    • Logical, hierarchical data structure
    • Unlimited volume, velocity, and visibility

    MARKER 2


    • Frictionless workflow builder
    • Low code / no code platform
    • Configurable English language rules engine
    • Integration across departments, sites, and instruments

    MARKER 3


    • Living knowledge graph
    • Scientific visualization and interpretation
    • Built-in AI, ML and predictive modeling
    • Scientist-led data analysis

    MARKER 4


    • Templated use cases for rapid configuration
    • Saved workflows and experiments
    • Reusable design entities
    • Built-in sharing and utilization

    MARKER 5


    • A single login, a single learning curve
    • Unified platform from the data to the end user
    • One consistent substance, one common experience
    • Built-in science-aware™ tools
    • Integrated collaboration
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    Just what you need in a lab informatics platform?

    Wait until you see it in action

    Sapio is the first science-aware™ lab informatics platform of its kind. It delivers unified access to scientific data, low code/no code workflow configurability, robust science-first analytics, reusable workflows and objects, and more in a single, scientist-centered experience.