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A tailored platform for efficient, repeatable in vivo studies.

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In vivo studies are rapidly evolving thanks to new technologies, like gene editing, a focus on in vitro modes, the growing field of transitional research, and the central role scalable in vivo testing plays in enabling precision medicine. All of these realities bring about new challenges in data management, repeatability, and cost control for in vivo studies. 

We believe that the requirements of bold new models for in vivo research can only be met with a dynamic lab informatics platform that unifies functions and empowers the scientific users. In an all-in-one, no-code solution, Sapio allows scientists to design their own studies, automate their own workflows, then quickly interpret results from right where they are.  

Sapio delivers an all-in-one solution for the evolving field of in vivo testing.

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Design and reproduce efficient studies  

What if you could design studies in minutes, not days? Sapio eliminates the need for custom code and empowers scientists to design, configure, and reuse their own studies with ease. Configure samplings to be taken, observations to be performed, and dosing schedule to be followed. Then, orchestrate it in a simple drag-and-drop workflow, assign studies, and go. 

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Collaborate at one virtual table  

Do outside collaboration tools have your team feeling disjointed from your study workflow? Move your study forward with in-platform team collaboration, scheduling, task management, and progress tracking. Add observations easily, then search and review collective observation history across subjects in one platform. 

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Simplify life in the lab  

Make life in the lab simple with configurable formulas, automatic calculations like subject randomization and dosing, and pre-populated data fields. Search, create tables, and view charts for any part of your study without the need to log in and log out. Enjoy one interface that works exactly the way you think it should, so you can work better than ever before.   

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See it all come together  

Know where your study stands at all times with continuous visibility, then access the details you need with ease. Minimize time spent searching with granular, science-aware™ search. Watch it all come together, faster, better, and more seamlessly than ever before. Then, replicate those results across studies at scale.  

Experience why Sapio is an ideal platform for the future of in vivo research.

Features for In Vivo Studies

Sapio supports the configurability, collaboration, and analysis scientists need to enable and enhance their in vivo studies. Here are some of the features Sapio includes for in vivo testing. 

  • In vivo study templates 
  • Configurable, no-code workflow  
  • Study scheduling and tracking  
  • Subject randomization  
  • Automated dosing calculations  
  • Built-in collaboration 
  • Intuitive observation recording  
  • In vivo charting and searchability  

Scientific leaders choose Sapio.

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