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Why is Sapio different from other lab informatics platforms?

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Complex science, simple solution

We satisfy specialized requirements with simplicity and ease, including AI-enabled experiments and workflows.

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All the right tools, built right in

Get more out-of-the-box with tools for CRISPR editing, plasmid design, flow cytometry, 3D plating, and more.

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Highly configurable, without code

It’s your science, so you should make the rules. Define your workflow, your way—no code needed.

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One experience, not many

Enjoy one effortless experience—one login, one learning curve, one unified platform scientists love to use.

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Data-driven, just like your discovery

Navigate all of your scientific data in a living knowledge graph that is fully searchable and fully contextualized.

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Collaborate without barriers

Leverage collective intelligence with real time experiment collaboration and reusable scientific objects.

Call it your LIMS. Call it your ELN. Call it Jarvis.

The world’s first true Lab Triple Play, not piecemeal.

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Sapio ELN

Inspire adoption with a lab notebook that is effortless to use and easy to love.

We believe in giving scientists tools that work the way they do, not the other way around. Through one, unified experience made for the scientific user, our lab notebook simplifies life in the lab, fosters scientific collaboration, and enhances productivity in powerful new ways.

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Sapio LIMS

Simplify complex workflows with a single platform that adapts at the speed of science.

Nothing should stand between scientists and their work—especially code. In a single, no-code platform, our LIMS empowers scientists to bring to life their workflow in their way and access all of the information they need to accelerate discovery. 

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Sapio Jarvis

Unleash new possibilities with a living knowledge graph made for modern science.

The data-driven future of discovery can’t be built upon the broken data and legacy architectures of the past. We replace passive data repositories with a living knowledge graph that is science-aware, fully contextualized, and designed for action.

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Artificial intelligence, integrated into your ELN

Empower scientists and accelerate your experiments with Sapio AI, a natural language interface that allows you to prompt to create experiments, search for data, ask for support, and much more.

Out-of-the-Box Solutions.

Sapio’s science-aware™ platform delivers out-of-the-box templates that can be deployed for specialized needs rapidly and tailored in stride without code.

solution research


Enjoy radical configurability and unprecedented scale.

Learn more about how we support the modern digital lab

solution clinical


Orchestrate excellence from clinician request to report.

Learn more about our clinical LIMS and CRM

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A unified lab informatics solution for small molecule discovery workflows.

Learn more about key features for chemistry

solution ngs


Simplify the scale and complexity of NGS workflows.

Learn more about our capabilities for NGS

solution histopathology


Enable advanced histopathology workflows and analysis.

Learn more about our features for histopathology

solution in vivo

In Vivo

Bring new efficiency and repeatability to in vivo testing.

Learn more about our built-in support for in vivo analysis

solution bioanalytical


Power up flexible and reproducible bioanalytical studies.

Learn more about our bioanalysis capabilities

solution bioprocessing


Support your upstream and downstream bioprocessing needs.

Learn more about how we support bioprocessing

solution stability


Strengthen stability testing efficiency and insight.

Learn more about key features for stability testing

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Sample Management

The complete solution for hassle free sample management.

Learn more about key features for sample management

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