A comprehensive, no-code platform for clinical diagnostic labs.

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An intense competitive landscape has clinical laboratories laser focused on efficiency and throughput. Meanwhile, advanced technologies and a trend towards point of care testing challenge diagnostic labs to adapt, embracing unified solutions that manage their complex workflows, large volume of data, and valued customer relationships.   

Sapio understands that clinical lab throughput and customer relationship management go hand and hand. That’s why we deliver a unified platform that combines your physical order portal and CRM with a high-throughput LIMS, intuitive ELN, and science-aware solution for data management.    

Sapio supports operational excellence for clinical labs, from end to end.

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Orchestrate excellence, from order to report 

Automate complex processes without complexity using Sapio’s end-to-end solution for clinical diagnostic operations. Infuse the entire workflow with new efficiency and ease—from the time a physician places an order, through every stage of laboratory processing, to delivery of the final report.  

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Build your workflow, minus the code   

Stand up sophisticated workflows that are yours and yours alone—no computer scientists, only real ones. Adapt as you go to continually enhance the quality of your operations across locations. Present essential data every step of the way to the right people, in the right place, at the right time.   

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Unify clinical and customer processes   

Bridge the gap between your clinical workflows and your customer-facing ones. Engage physicians in a unified portal for order submission, tracking, and results. Synchronize seamlessly with Sapio LIMS. Then, unify your instrument data, automate your formulas, and record your observations in Sapio ELN.   

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Enable new growth to take root   

Support your goals for customer experience and growth with built-in clinical, sales funnel, and contact management. Stand up compelling campaigns with easy-to-use digital marketing tools. Collect data and optimize outreach. And empower sales reps to convert more leads to deals.  

Learn why Sapio is the strongest solution available for clinical labs.

Features for Clinical Diagnostics

Sapio includes everything clinical diagnostic laboratories need to support exceptional science and customer service in a single platform.  

  • No-code, no-SQL workflows
  • Integrated physician portal  
  • Automated physician reports
  • Configurable order test forms 
  • Branded portal and reports  
  • Kit management  
  • Automated reflex testing  
  • Customer relationship management  

Leading clinical diagnostic labs choose Sapio.

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