data silos to data synergy

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    From Data Silos to Data Synergy

    A revolutionary approach to empower scientists with unified access to enterprise-wide lab data.

    In the last two decades, the advent of new technologies has empowered scientific organizations to capture data at a never-before-seen scale and speed. However, data unification remains a critical missing piece—while all of this data exists, it is often siloed across disparate systems and left without context.

    The reality is that most organizations don’t have a model problem preventing them from running advanced analytics. They have a data problem, as they lack the scientific context that gives raw data meaning. In this whitepaper, we’ll outline a powerful solution that enables unified access to usable, contextualized scientific data that is FAIR—findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable.

    Together, we’ll ask all the right questions, including:

    • What are the current barriers to unlocking scientific data?
    • What are the shortcomings of informatics architectures?
    • How does a data maturity model impact decision-making?
    • Why is it important to tailor data clouds to scientists not coders?
    • How can you FAIRify your data and empower scientific decision-making?