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Sapio's Laboratory Information Management (LIMS) Solutions

Exemplar's web-based, LIMS System with integrated Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) enables the rapid implementation of laboratory processes while presenting the most intuitive interface on the market so that training times are minimal and productivity is increased. This ease of implementation and usability does not imply limitations or simplistic experimental process tracking. In fact, there is no limit on what type of experiments can be tracked with Exemplar Laboratory Information Management System, or on the versatility of Exemplar LIMS for adapting to complex processes. Further, with an integrated and industry leading plugin architecture; instrument integrations, custom reports, etc. can all be easily implemented in the Exemplar System. Read more >

Sapio Sciences has extensive expertise in implementing fully electronic (i.e. paperless), compliant systems at leading MDx companies. Exemplar's Web-Based Dx LIMS can manage a diverse set of information technology needs that span well beyond what is traditionally though of as lab management — and it does this in contracted timeframes without sacrificing features or functions. This means your lab can will up and running and processing orders quickly in a compliant setting. Read more >

In order to realize the goal of personalized medicine researchers need to be empowered with a solution that stores and tracks data from samples through and including all the diverse assay data that may be run. Exemplar Web-Based Biomarker Discovery aggregates this into a single data store for all Clinical Study, Treatment Group, Subject, Sample and Assay result data. For the assay data, Exemplar has pre-built data loaders for most common platforms being used in modern labs including PCR, mutation detection, IHC, Western Blot, Flow Cytometry, etc. Exemplar is built on a highly scalable framework for managing this high volume data while ensuring timely responses for all system functions. Read more >