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NatureMetrics Case Study

NatureMetrics Standardizes Complex NGS Workflows That Turn Nature Into Data

Managing End-to-End Sequencing of Environmental DNA with Sapio LIMS Functionality Out-of-the-Box


NatureMetrics is a world leader in delivering nature data and intelligence. By leveraging cutting-edge technology that can capture and identify environmental DNA (eDNA) left by organisms in water, sediment, soil, and even air, the company generates large-scale biodiversity data to inform global sustainability and conservation efforts. With the grand mission of creating a comprehensive database of life on earth that will help humans identify how best to protect it, NatureMetrics needed more than cobbled-together spreadsheets to manage its unique and complex next-generation sequencing (NGS) workflows. The company adopted the modern, unified LIMS platform from Sapio Sciences, which has enabled NatureMetrics to:

•  Adopt an end-to-end sample, material, and instrument management workflow, out-of-the-box.

•  Track samples through a labyrinth of intersecting and parallel processes.

•  Streamline decision-making and sample routing by automating key elements of quality control.

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