Exemplar LIMS - The Most Configurable LIMS

What is Exemplar LIMS? Click here for a video overview of Exemplar LIMS Software's Capabilities.

Sapio Science's Exemplar Laboratory Information Management System Products

Exemplar Research LIMS

  • LIMS System Sample & Storage Management
  • Web-Based with Tablet Support
  • Custom Accessioning
  • Extensive Plate Management Features
  • Integrated Electronic Lab Notebook
  • Automatic Aliquot/Derivative Creation
  • Sample Lineage Tracking
  • Built in Reporting Tools

Exemplar NGS LIMS

  • Pre-Built NGS Workflows such as Library Preparations
  • Web-Based with Full Tablet Support
  • Sample Lineage Tracking
  • Graphical Storage Management
  • Integration with NGS Instrument Platforms
  • Integration with QC Instrument Platforms
  • Graphical Project Dashboard
  • CLIA Ready System

Exemplar MDx LIMS

  • Track Test Requests Through Results
  • Web-Based with Tablet Support
  • Fully Electronic Process
  • Sample Management
  • Integrated Assay Data Management
  • Custom Algorithm Integration
  • Integrated Electronic Lab Notebook
  • CLIA/HIPAA Compliant
  • Billing Integration