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Step into the future of laboratory organization and data control. This collection of LIMS guides is your gateway to understanding LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) – the powerful software that streamlines workflows, boosts accuracy, and empowers researchers like you.

Find out exactly what a LIMS system is

What exactly is a LIMS? A LIMS is a software system that helps laboratories manage data, samples, and workflows. It can improve data accuracy and reliability, increase efficiency, and ensure compliance with industry regulations.

Find out what a LIMS is

How does LIMS work?

LIMS software comprises different elements that come together to form a hub for a laboratory. The specific way in which it works will depend on the type of lab and internal operations, however, it generally follows a basic process of uniquely identifying the sample entering the laboratory, tracking the sample as it flows through the various lab processes, collecting timestamps along the way. Integration with other lab equipment means that data can be fed into the LIMS and be matched with the correct sample, quickly and easily.

How LIMS software works

Discover the different types of LIMS software

The world of Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) is diverse and exciting, offering solutions for labs of all shapes and sizes. But with such a range of LIMS solutions available, navigating the options can feel daunting. Read our guide to discover the different types of LIMS available to you. 

Different types of LIMS software

There are so many benefits to a lab information management system

Explores the key scientific advantages of implementing a LIMS in various laboratory settings – from increased workflow efficiency that reduces errors and inconsistencies to enhanced data quality and integrity that ensures compliance with regulatory requirements, and much more. 

Discover LIMS advantages

Cloud-based LIMS software

A growing number of laboratories are moving towards cloud-based software for a number of reasons, including increased accessibility, flexibility, and adaptability to meet the evolving demands of modern laboratories.

The benefits of cloud-based LIMS systems

What you need to know about selecting your LIMS system

  • LIMS vs ELN
  • LIMS system cost
  • LIMS software features
  • Selecting the best LIMS
the sapio platform


LIMS and ELN are the two pillars of laboratory informatics. While distinct in their roles, they form a powerful duo, each supporting the scientific journey in unique ways. LIMS excels as the conductor of laboratory workflow, meticulously managing samples and data. ELN, on the other hand, captures the intricate details of experiments, from initial hypotheses to observations and results.

truly scientific analysis

LIMS system cost

Cost is another critical factor when selecting the best LIMS software solution for you. It’s impossible to say how much LIMS systems should cost as this varies massively depending on different software capabilities and licensing types. There are several factors to consider before committing to a LIMS platform to ensure you make the best financial decision in the long term. 

real time collaboration

LIMS software features 

In today’s competitive scientific landscape, choosing the right Laboratory Information Management System is crucial for achieving peak efficiency and accuracy. This guide navigates the essential features you need to consider, from automating routine tasks and managing data with granularity to integrating effortlessly with your lab’s instruments.  

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Selecting the best LIMS 

Selecting the perfect LIMS for your lab requires a clear understanding of your needs. Prioritize software compatible with your existing infrastructure and budget, focusing on functionality that addresses your primary workflow challenges. Remember, the ideal LIMS adapts to your lab, not vice versa.  

Implementing your LIMS system

A robust LIMS software implementation process ensures your lab reaps the maximum benefits. Implementation has many moving parts, but with careful preparation, strategic deployment, and ongoing refinement, your lab can ensure LIMS becomes a powerful tool. 

Discover how to implement LIMS

Speed up your lab’s processes with LIMS automation

Popular because of its efficiency and accuracy, automation built into Sapio’s LIMS software allows users to perform the same tasks repeatedly at a much faster rate, without making mistakes.

How LIMS can automate your lab procedures

Optimise your reporting for better lab performance with LIMS software

Reports generated withing a LIMS system help to organize and track various aspects of lab operations, such as sample management, workflow testing and quality control.

How optimized LIMS reporting boosts your lab

Must know LIMS terms 

Navigating the complex world of LIMS requires a shared language. This glossary equips you with 75 key terms, from “Analyte” to “User roles,” demystifying the processes and functions that power efficient and compliant laboratory workflows.

LIMS Glossary

Industry spotlight

Explore the different industries that use LIMS software, and the out-of-the-box templates that can help your lab ramp up rapidly.


Empower your digital research lab with a LIMS that can run any workflow, at any scale.


Our clinical LIMS solution enables your diagnostics lab to better manage data and customer relationships.


NGS-ready LIMS software that delivers seamless instrument integrations to unlock the full potential of NGS innovation.


Improve efficiency and gain deeper scientific insights into digital pathology, single-cell sequencing, and spatial transcriptomics research.

In Vivo

Bring scientists and researchers together with one unified LIMS platform whether you’re focused on pharmacokinetics, toxicology, or In Vivo research.


Maximize autonomy and minimize room for error during bioanalytical research with a LIMS featuring built-in data validation and study design.


Our LIMS system provides a fresh, integrated digital solution to improve collaboration and data quality during bioprocessing research.

Stability Testing

LIMS solutions support scientists in accelerating their stability studies with software that helps to ensure safe and accessible pharmaceutical products.

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