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Exemplar Research LIMS System

LIMS Software Across Specialties

Our LIMS System is ideal for Translational Medicine and Biology Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN), and is critical for proper data tracking and regulatory compliance. Because of Exemplar LIMS configurable technology and workflow templates, our projects are completed in a fraction of the time and cost of standard LIMS projects.

A Complete Translational Medicine Solution for Managing Samples, Processes, Data and Analysis

Whether your lab is doing PK/PD, genetics, genomics, proteomics, sequencing or other lab experiments/tests, it is operating as an advanced workflow processing center. These workflows start when the sample arrives at your lab and continue as the sample is processed in one or more lab experiments. Typically, though, your work doesn't end when the sample is accessioned and put in a freezer. In fact, that is just the beginning of an overarching process of translational medicine involving protocol tracking, assay data generation/management, data mining and data analysis.

Exemplar LIMS - A Complete Biology Electronic Lab Notebook Solution

Many laboratories today use paper or paper plus spreadsheets to perform detailed tracking of samples through these often complex processes. This takes an already labor intensive task and makes it even more labor intensive. For small labs processing very low volumes of samples this works OK, but for large labs processing thousands of samples this method is not only inefficient, it means that there is no practical way to go back and mine that experimental data in aggregate. Furthermore, labs needing to be compliant with various standards such as CLIA/GLP/FDA will find this paper process to be inadequate to meet these standards.

Exemplar LIMS ELN enables the rapid implementation of these processes while presenting the most intuitive interface on the market so that training times are minimal and productivity is increased. This ease of implementation and usability does not imply limitations or simplistic experimental process tracking. In fact, there is no limit on what type of experiments can be tracked with Exemplar ELN or on the versatility of Exemplar for adapting to complex processes. Further, with an integrated and industry leading plugin architecture, instrument integrations, custom reports, etc. can all be easily implemented in Exemplar. So with Exemplar not only are you now collecting key information in a way that is easily searchable, you can automate data capture and thereby make your lab personnel more productive. This translates into a rapid payback on your LIMS purchase.

Exemplar Lab Management System: Unlimited Configuration

In addition to its leading workflow engine, Exemplar LIMS has the most comprehensive application configuration toolset on the market. This means that LIMS projects are completed in a fraction of the time and cost of standard LIMS projects. Furthermore, there are no limitations with Exemplar LIMS on what you can do with its configuration tools, and that is why Exemplar can rapidly be adapted to any change in your data tracking or laboratory processes without the need for consulting and long implementation timeframes. At Sapio, we don't just talk about configurability, we demonstrate each and every aspect of LIMS configuration so a clear comparison can be made with other solutions. We invite you to see for yourself by scheduling a demo for your organization.

Here is a partial list of the Exemplar LIMS System Features:

Sample Management

  • Sample Accessioning
  • Easily Viewable Sample to Aliquot History
  • Track any Sample from Receipt through Processing
  • Track Unlimited Phenotypic\Clinical Information
  • Print and Scan 1D and 2D barcodes
  • Complete Plate Tracking of 96 and 384 well plates
  • Auto Assignment of freezer, rack and box locations

Workflow Engine

  • Easily Create Electronic Notebooks that Mirror Lab Procedures
  • Workflows Guide the End User through the process in a step by step manner with Task Level Help Available.
  • Workflows Reduce Learning Curves, Eliminate Errors and Increase Throughput
  • Importable Workflows for leading platforms like Affymetrix and Illumina Genotyping, IlluminaGA, Qiagen, etc.
  • Easily define Complex Workflows with Zero Programming

Extreme Configuration

  • Includes the Most Comprehensive set of Configuration Tools on the market
  • Configure the Data Layer, Data Relationships, Who can see What data, and How their Interface Appears.
  • Configure Roles for Users.
  • Configurations require Zero Programming
  • Dramatically Lower Deployment Costs and Timeframes

Lab Automation

  • Leverage our Pre-existing Integrations to Automate Data Capture
  • Examples include Qiagen, NanoDrop, Illumina Infinium and more
  • Control instruments from the LIMS
  • Improve Lab Throughput and Reduce Errors

Assay Data Management

  • Load Assay Data from Diverse Assays directly from Instrument Generated files
  • Scales to tens of thousands of data points per sample
  • Pre-Built loaders for many Common Assays such as Fluidigm, BD, Qiagen, Dako, ABI, etc.
  • New assay types supportable in hours, not weeks or months
  • Powerful query tools enable searching of studies, samples and assay data in a single query

Flexible LIMS Architecture

  • Customize Data Fields and Form Layout with Zero Programming
  • Minimal IT support required, even for large deployments
  • Import and Export Best Practices to share with other locations
  • Support for Complex Data Relationships with no programming or IT support needed.

To schedule a demonstration of Exemplar, please contact us at sales@sapiosciences.com.