Configurable, user-friendly and flexible LIMS Software

Sapio is at the forefront of the Digital Lab with its integrated lab information management system and electronic laboratory notebook solutions.

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Sapio Seamless
LIMS Software

  • A laboratory information management system that tracks your workflows in a step by step process
  • Sapio LIMS Software enables easy Sample Registration of any entity types
  • A lab management system that tracks all your materials inventory
  • Sapio LIMS ELN is an SDMS automatically capturing and parsing Instrument data into structured data
  • Compliant and designed to be your complete clinical lab management operational platform
  • Three Sapio cloud hosted ELN Solutions to meet your specific digital lab needs
  • Sapio lab notebook includes targeted searching across all experimental data
  • Built for scientists – almost zero training required to use
  • Our digital lab notebook includes extensive plating and instrument support
  • Track every detail of your lab experiment processes – Protocols, Images, Samples, Materials, Instrument Data, and more
  • Fully extendible – configure unlimited meta-data fields & then search on them
  • Integrated E-Signing – Configurable ELN E-signing rules
  • Integrated Elab Notebook Experiment data Charting – visualize any table of data
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Based Sapio Electronic Lab Notebook
  • Rapidly adapt Sapio lab management software workflows using drag and drop saving time and money.

  • Sapio takes care of all the IT work, you just sign up and start tracking your LIMS workflows and elab notebook experiments.

  • Sapio is the only LIMS software provider delivering on the Digital Lab today with its integrated LIMS system and Electronic Lab Notebook software.

“We went looking for the best of the breed LIMS in the market and in Sapio we found a solution which we could customize to our center’s complex requirements.”

“Sapio is an essential part of AltheaDx's operations from order creation to reporting, and enables AltheaDx to do everything efficiently and effectively.”

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