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Step into the future of laboratory organization and data control. This collection of ELN software guides is your gateway to understanding ELN (electronic lab notebook) software – a digital tool that helps scientists record and manage their experimental data, observations, and research notes in a secure, organized, and searchable format.

Find out exactly what an Electronic Lab Notebook is

What is ELN? An electronic lab notebook (ELN) is a digital solution used to improve the efficiency of record-keeping processes within laboratory settings. ELN software has been specifically developed to meet the unique needs of scientists and technicians, offering a secure, efficient platform for managing research data. 

Find out what an Electronic Lab Notebook is

There are so many benefits to using ELN software

Explore the profound scientific advantages it brings to diverse labs – from heightened productivity through streamlined data management, simplified task assignments, and seamless collaboration. Additionally, ensure adherence to regulatory requirements and industry standards with the aid of its built-in features.

Discover ELN software Advantages

Electronic Lab Notebook best practices

Following best practices for using ELN software ensures a smooth and effective system implementation, helping labs improve data management, boost collaboration, and get more value from their work. Explore our guide to electronic lab notebook best practices, including setting up security, creating user-friendly templates, and using standardized naming conventions.

Explore Electronic Lab Notebook Best Practices

The benefits of Sapio ELN software are truly immeasurable, but here’s a start.


Rise in System Usability Score (SUS)


Increase in Experiments


Improvement in Productivity

What you need to know about selecting ELN software

  • LIMS vs ELN
  • Must know Electronic Lab Notebook terms
  • ELN software features
robust information management


In the realm of laboratory informatics, LIMS software and Electronic Lab Notebooks are central pillars, offering unique contributions to the scientific journey. Acting as the conductor of lab workflows, LIMS adeptly manages samples and data, while ELN meticulously captures the intricate details of experiments — from initial hypotheses to final observations and results.

no code configurability

Must know Electronic Lab Notebook terms

Navigating the complex world of ELN requires a shared language. This glossary equips you with 92 essential terms, from alignment and audit trails to variant analysis and sequencing data, and the invaluable addition of electronic lab notebook templates. Explore these key topics designed to enhance and streamline your laboratory documentation process.

powerful searchability and analysis

ELN software features

Unlike generic Electronic Lab Notebook solutions, our platform offers four distinct editions of the Informatics Platform. This empowers lab managers, allowing them the flexibility to choose ELN features tailored to their specific needs, all within a budget-friendly framework. Explore the full spectrum of capabilities by downloading our ELN data sheet.

Industry spotlight

Discover the diverse applications of ELN software in various industries, leveraging out-of-the-box templates for rapid lab setup.


Realize the full potential of the digital lab with a scalable electronic lab notebook that utilizes advanced workflow processes.


Our clinical ELN solution enables your diagnostics lab to better manage large volumes of data.


NGS-ready ELN software that delivers seamless instrument integrations to simplify the complexity of NGS workflows.


Combine no-code workflows and science-aware data management for deeper scientific insights.

In Vivo

Manage in vivo studies with modern ELN software designed for data capture, collaboration, and insights.


Our ELN software is designed to support flexible and reproducible bioanalytical studies, no matter the scale or complexity.


Our integrated ELN software forms part of a fresh digital solution to improve collaboration and data quality during bioprocessing research.

Stability Testing

Integrated LIMS & ELN software that supports scientists in accelerating and advancing their stability studies, ensuring safe and accessible pharmaceutical products for all.

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Sapio is the only free electronic lab notebook software that supports collaboration in real-time, making it easy for technicians, researchers, and lab managers to invite others to work on experiments together and see the live updates their colleagues make to the shared experiments. Discover the benefits and take a peek inside our free lab notebook software. 

Free ELN software

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