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With our browser based Exemplar ELN® your scientists will be able to create detailed notebooks and to work collaboratively with other scientists with built in analytical tools and a short learning curve.

Exemplar ELN® - Built for Scientists

Adoption by scientists is the number one concern of ELN purchasers. Exemplar ELN was designed and built for scientists to ensure ease of use and adoption. The design follows a simple drag and drop paradigm to make building out even complex notebooks easy. Exemplar ELN also runs in all leading browsers with no software to install, and works just as well on tablets. Scientists will want to use Exemplar as it makes their job easier and supports their research objectives.

A Complete Solution for your Lab

Although the interface design is straightforward, Exemplar is loaded with powerful features to not only make building out your notebook easy, but it also incorporates biological, analytical and chemistry features. These features are plugin driven so you only see what makes sense for your laboratory type.

Here are some of Exemplar's other important features:

  • One ELN for repeatable workflow AND ad hoc environments
  • Easy notebook template creation
  • Easy role assignment and e-signature capabilities
  • Scalable performance for all lab environments
  • Fully extendible - biology and chemistry aware extensions
  • Drag in support for Spreadsheets, Images, PDF's, Word Docs, Text files etc.
  • Spreadsheets editable within the notebook
  • Powerful, extendible instrument and systems integration tools
  • Import data from instruments such as flow cytometers, HPLC, etc.
  • Inventory/Consumables/Instrument Tracking
  • User defined data tables, forms, fields and formulas
  • User defined Dashboards for easy plotting/analysis of your table data inside your notebook

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Exemplar ELN® - For more than Patent Protection

Companies invest large amounts of money in the scientists and the experiments that they perform day in and day out. The important work being done by the scientists represents a large amount of knowledge that is likely failing to be captured by your organization. Market research indicates key motivations for implementing an ELN are capturing laboratory intellectual property and managing workflows.

Exemplar addresses this by incorporating the most powerful searching tools in the ELN space. All data captured in ELN notebooks can be searched across your organization. Both structured data and unstructured data is fully searchable. You can also easily create dashboards plotting experimental data points in numerous ways with the capability of applying statistics to your charts.

This represents a major advancement to ELN's so that they are not only usable now for IP protection, but also to capture important experimental details across your organization.

A modern ELN has to be more than just features and functionality

Our research indicates that today's lab informatics project stakeholders not only expect all the latest technology and innovations but are also concerned about platform adoption, investing in software that will become obsolete, data migration, systems integration and demonstrating a return on investment for the business.

Exemplar ELN is built with the latest technology providing the best of both worlds...a proven platform with the power and flexibility for Ad Hoc Experimentation and a time compressed implementation. With our configurable technology your ELN project will be completed in a fraction of the time and cost of standard lab informatics projects.

Scalability is also a major concern of stakeholders, as traditional ELNs have seen poor performance, which negatively impacts productivity and can lead to user avoidance of the ELN.

Scientists are Smarter when they work Collaboratively

In a major advancement in ELN collaboration, Exemplar supports any number of users working on the same notebook at the same time. The original author can designate any number of authors, witnesses, reviewers and approvers. The other authors can work on the notebook including adding new data, editing existing data, doing analysis, etc.

Exemplar ELN also utilizes the Sapio Feed, so both user and system generated messaging occurs in real time so users are always in touch on key notebook events and communications. Exemplar also supports any number of discussion threads on notebook entries with real time notifications sent to all notebook authors when comments are made on entries.

Interactive dashboards are easily constructed using Exemplar ELN dashboard builder. Experimental data from across all projects and studies can be easily search and then multi-level, interactive dashboards are easily created from the resulting data. Dashboards can then be saved and re-run at any future time.

screenshot of dashboard builder in exemplar electronic lab notebook eln software

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