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One of worlds largest CRO’s Selects Sapio Informatics Platform ELN

CRO’s Selects Sapio Informatics Platform ELN

A top 3 CRO has selected Sapio’s Electronic Lab Notebook, low-code, no-code platform for it’s global digital transformation.  Sapio was selected after head to head, hands on evaluations with all the leading ELN’s and stood out due to its versatility, user experience, powerful searching and integrated analytics. 

As to the results of the evaluation: “Sapio’s Informatics Platform will position us to better service our valued customers, replace numerous other LIMS, ELN and informatics solutions and to rapidly adapt to our changing business needs over time. We found that many vendors talked about what they could do, but when it came to actually implementing our requirements the only vendor that did not struggle and could do it fast was Sapio.  Also once data was collected Sapio showed superior ability to search, visualize and analyze the data all within their platform with not technical work required.  No other vendor had this breadth of capabilities.”