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Genomic Prediction Selects Exemplar

Genomic Prediction (NJ) is a clinical laboratory which provides advanced genetic testing for in vitro fertilization (IVF) by screening for single-gene disorders, detecting chromosomal abnormalities, and predicting polygenic disease risks. They reduce the risk of disease and improve the health outcome of newborns by identifying which candidate embryos are genetically normal.

Genomic Prediction needed a LIMS to manage DNA sequencing workflows, SNP panel workflows, sample tracking, task assignment and scheduling, along with reagent tracking and validation. They also wanted a LIMS with robust integration capabilities to communicate sample testing statuses with their analysis and reporting portals. Finally, the LIMs needed to meet regulatory requirements.

In Exemplar, any process with well-defined steps can be represented as a workflow. Exemplar’s bio widgets and out of the box integration with leading QC genomics Instruments make NGS workflows particularly well suited for representation in Exemplar. Tasks can be assigned to lab technicians providing them with an individualized work queue.

Exemplar is a highly visual system that enables Genomic Prediction to easily track the status andlocation of samples throughout the processing pipeline and in storage. Samples in storage can be added or removed by the scanning of barcodes, by dragging/dropping, or as a step in an automated workflow.

Genomic Prediction will also use Exemplar to track and maintain an inventory of validated reagents and other consumables with the remaining volumes and amounts automatically adjusted based on usage. Consumable information can be loaded into Exemplar via manifests or directly within Exemplar experiments.

For integration with Genomic Prediction’s analysis and reporting portals, Exemplar has both a web service REST API and a java API. In addition to custom in-house systems, Exemplar has also been successfully integrated with 3rd party billing, Salesforce and other CRMs, and a wide variety of instrumentation.

Exemplar ELN/LIMS provides the features and capabilities that Genomic Prediction requires to successfully manage their clinical laboratory operations while meeting all the key regulatory requirements of CLIA, CAP, HIPAA, and FDA Part 11.

About Genomic Prediction

Genomic Prediction Inc. (GP) was incorporated in 2017. However, the research insights which led to the creation of GP stretch back much further. Research and data exchange agreements to develop molecular methodology, signed with some of the largest biotechnology vendors in the world, were ongoing as early as 2015. In the decade prior, the founders’ work in embryology, detection of chromosomal abnormality, computationalgenomics, algorithms, and polygenic architecture led to GP’s superior and innovative methodology for the genetic testing of human embryos. GP’s products incorporate fundamental improvements on existing methods.

GP offers IVF parents a cost-effective means to evaluate genetic risk due to chromosomalabnormality (ploidy), single-gene mutations, and polygenic diseases.

GP represents the next step in embryo genetic testing, combining dense, genome-wide genotyping methods with sophisticated validation-focused modeling, suitable for the information age.

About Sapio Sciences LLC

Sapio Sciences is a leading provider of LIMS, ELN, and Data Management software, enabling our customers to manage their laboratories, notebooks, and scientific data. Exemplar LIMS and ELN systems break new ground in their breadth of functionality and ease of configuration through built-in Sample Management, Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) and Scientific Data Management (SDMS) capabilities all reachable through its intuitive, responsive, web-based user interface. Sapio customers include: BMS, AbbVie, Roche, Novartis, Baylor College of Medicine, Sanofi and numerous other leading life sciences organizations.

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