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ImmuneBridge Chooses Sapio Sciences Electronic Lab Notebook to Modernize and Scale Enterprise Data Management 

Sapio’s responsive, expert customer support team rapidly configured the platform to optimize and accelerate ImmuneBridge’s unique research

 ImmuneBridge, a developer of allogeneic, off-the-shelf cellular immunotherapies, has launched a new electronic lab notebook (ELN) from Sapio Sciences, LLC. The new ELN provides a unified, no-code platform for data management and experiment tracking, enabling ImmuneBridge to modernize, adapt, and scale its processes for managing, sharing, and analyzing its critical scientific data.

A full case study on ImmuneBridge’s is available for download.

ImmuneBridge credits Sapio’s customer support team for supporting a smooth transition to its new enterprise system.

“Sapio’s team of business analysts, solution architects, and project managers guided us through the process of configuring and implementing a solution that would support our research throughout its development,” said Jesse Cotari, Ph.D., chief scientific officer and co-founder of ImmuneBridge. “The expert team took the time to understand our science and worked closely with us to configure a solution that can be adapted as we grow and our workflows evolve.”

Sapio’s ELN addressed ImmuneBridge’s concerns about managing and visualizing its data through its industry-leading, science-aware™ platform that captures science data of any variety, volume, or velocity. Sapio’s platform is inherently scalable, an essential requirement for ImmuneBridge as it evolves from early-stage research to clinical trials. The ELN makes unified data immediately accessible through built-in tools, such as Sapio’s sample management system, data tables, targeted search, and quick backend user customizations. The system has been especially effective at helping ImmuneBridge scientists track the samples used and created within experiments across multiple teams and processes, which has saved scientists time and helped avoid unnecessary inventory purchases. 

“Companies like ImmuneBridge are conducting cutting-edge science, and they need equally cutting-edge systems to help them track the experiments that will move their science forward,” said Kevin Cramer, president and CEO of Sapio Sciences. “It’s gratifying to see our customer support professionals lauded for their work helping a customer shift from one well-known ELN vendor to our fit-for-purpose system that’s meant to simplify life in the lab without costly implementations and long timelines.” 

About ImmuneBridge

ImmuneBridge is developing the next generation of allogeneic cellular medicines to make curative cancer therapies accessible to everyone, starting with NK cell-based immunotherapies. ImmuneBridge’s proprietary expansion technology amplifies cord blood-derived immune stem cells while maintaining full immune multipotency—to create a consistent and abundant cellular source for immunotherapies. ImmuneBridge’s scientific approach harnesses this expansion technology along with the unique benefits of umbilical cord blood to enable robust screening and selection for the most potent cancer-fighting cells. Based in San Francisco, ImmuneBridge is led by co-founders Peretz Partensky and Jesse Cotari. For more information, visit

About Sapio Sciences

Sapio Sciences’ mission is to improve life in the lab–—because science is complex, Sapio makes technology simple. Sapio is a global business offering an all-in-one science-aware (TM) lab informatics platform combining cloud-based LIMS, ELN, and Jarvis data solutions. 

Sapio serves some of the largest global and specialist brands, including biopharma, CRO/CDMOs and clinical diagnostic labs across NGS genomic sequencing, bioanalysis, bioprocessing, stability, clinical, histopathology, drug research, and in vivo studies. 

Customers love Sapio’s platform because it is robust, scalable, and with no-code configuration, can quickly adapt to meet unique needs. For more information, visit and follow us on Linkedin here.