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CRM for Healthcare Providers

A graphic showing the various parts of a CRM and Healthcare system.

What is CRM in Healthcare?

Clinical Labs have their own unique requirements for their Healthcare CRM solution. A comprehensive CRM for Healthcare solution enables:

  • Delivery of dynamic, highly personalized content to target populations
  • Automated lead assignment
  • Automated "best next action" suggestions to guide the sales reps
  • Management of the entire client services pipeline from order to report delivery
  • Self-registration Physician portal for electronic ordering
  • Patient report creation and delivery
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Client Services Management

Sapio manages not only your sales and marketing processes, but also order processing pipelines. Leveraging our extensive experience in the clinical space, Sapio Healthcare CRM tracks everything from accessioning and order transcription to report creation and delivery. The bottom line: Physicians will want to use your tests more when you are using Sapio Sciences' CRM for healthcare because it makes their experience and interactions with your company engaged, informed, and seamless.

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Provider Marketing
A graphic showing the various parts of a CRM and Healthcare system.

Customer Relationship Management in Healthcare

Clinical Labs are realizing that most CRM’s do not address the unique needs of clinical labs sales, marketing and client services groups

Sapio provides a CRM that offers the traditional capabilities you expect from a CRM such as campaign management, lead and opp management, guided sales. multi-channel communications, and more. Sapio then extends the CRM using its decade plus of working with both large and small clinical labs to provide features specific to these clients’ needs saving significant time and money getting up and running. Sapio’s healthcare focused CRM has proper tracking of all Organizations such as hospitals/clinics, physicians, patients, test orders and more. Sapio doesn’t stop there, with its integrated and modern physician portal and client services capabilities Sapio’s Healthcare CRM enables complete operational support from marketing to sales to order processing and report creation and delivery.

Clinical Lab Client Services Mgmt.

All clinical labs offering tests need an internal client services group to receive incoming orders, accession them and get them into the processing pipeline quickly. But it does not end there. Completing order transcriptions can be an involved process and require interactions with providers and patients to ensure all order details are captured properly. Sapio deficiency resolution process enables fast and efficient guidance to client services personnel to resolve any issues to ensure you also get reimbursed sooner.

A screenshot of the physician portal used by Healthcare and CRM software.
Physician Portal

Dealing with paper orders is the least efficient way to process lab requests. It can create a costly extra burden on the client services group in dealing with order deficiencies. To address this, Sapio offers an easy to use and information rich provider portal where physicians can order tests, see test menus, receive patient reports and more. Sapio uniquely also offers a self-registration process where the providers can register themselves with your organization saving resources in getting them onboarded while encouraging them to use the online ordering faster. This streamlines the order processing timelines by improving order quality enabling a reduction in needed staffing for your client services group.

A graphic of a patient report, representing the reports that can be generated using Healthcare and CRM Software.
Patient Reporting

For any clinical lab provider, the primary product is the patient report. The reports ideally should not only provide the essential data of the test but present it in an easily consumable and visually appealing manner. Sapio offers its own built in reporting module that enables the configuration of professional and easily understood patient reports, including dynamic elements that can be inserted in real time to present the most visually rich and informative results.

LIMS System Integration

Lab operations are core to a clinical lab business.

Sapio’s LIMS System has been a leading clinical lab management solution for over a decade and is used at large, high throughput clinical labs to track all lab processing details. From sample input through step-by-step tracking of essential processing details, Sapio enables you to get up and running quickly while maintaining your compliance requirements.

When used in concert with the clinical order management system, the flow from order receipt and accessioning to the LIMS with assigned work is seamless and efficient ensuring the fastest turnaround times possible. Sapio CRM is able to work with any LIMS solution so if you already have a LIMS in place, Sapio can work with it, but integration with Sapio Clinical LIMS is a ready to go solution and combines the two leading solutions from the same vendor reducing costs and timelines.

Clinical Labs as an Information Business

Modern clinical labs are realizing that not only are lab operations key to their business,

but that information systems may even be more important as they are enablers of improved provider relationships, better patient experiences, faster turnaround times and higher quality deliverables. Furthermore, capturing all the sales, order and lab data into Sapio enables you to quickly get insights into not only your operations, but also into your customer activity as well as patient data to assess clinical testing efficacy and other key organizational metrics enabling agility to improve your sales, marketing, operations and test offerings.

Sapio Healthcare CRM — A Complete Clinical Laboratory Operational Solution

Why use Healthcare Customer Relationship Management for Clinical Labs? Clinical labs have a diverse set of needs that span well beyond what is traditionally thought of as lab management. All or some of the following are often required of a clinical LIMS solution.

A CRM for tracking the sales processing from engagement with providers to forecasting and revenue tracking

Integrated marketing campaigns to effectively target providers and track their interactions with emails and the sales team

A self-registration ordering system for physicians enables easy self-service onboarding removing bottlenecks to getting physicians signed up and using your test which leads to increased sales

Improved clinical lab client services with automation to remove manual task and improve efficiency of existing personnel

Automated Patient Report Generation and Delivery leading to faster turnaround times and improved provider and patient satisfaction

Integrated LIMS system for seamless operational support from marketing to sales to order processing to lab processing to results delivery

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