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Sapio pleased to announce the immediate availability of Exemplar ELN Essentials

A starter ELN you can try for free


Baltimore, MD – May 7, 2019 Sapio Sciences is pleased to announce the availability of Exemplar ELN Essentials, a self-service SaaS solution.  Created as an entry level lab notebook with enterprise class functionality at a low, monthly cost.  Users can sign up free trial of trial ELN Essentials before deciding to purchase the system.  Since Sapio is hosting this solution,  users only need an internet connection and a supported browser to begin using it.   

Exemplar ELN Essentials is a lab notebook that’s built on Sapio’s leading informatics platform solution, Exemplar ELN Pro.  This new solution will address the needs of many organizations such as biotech start-ups at a much lower cost.  Importantly, this is the first informatics solution that can grow via soon to be available expansion packs from an entry-level ELN to our best in class enterprise ELN and LIMS, all on the same scalable, configurable and easy to use informatics platform.

According to Kevin Cramer, CEO, “Sapio started at the high end of the food chain with an informatics platform that has best in class ELN/LIMS capabilities in one solution.  Over time we began to see that many organizations, especially young biotech organizations, don’t yet need all those capabilities.  What they told us is they need something that addresses their basic experiment tracking and IP protection needs, but that can be easily expanded to provide more advanced capabilities such as sample management, plate designing\tracking, cheminformatics, and more.   This solution is intended to meet all those needs with an ala carte model.  Given our platform has been supporting the lab informatics and LIMS needs of global pharma and biotech organizations around the world, customers can also be confident they are investing in a proven platform that can address all their requirements now and in the future.”