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Sapio Announces Exemplar Materials Management 3.0 and Instrument Maintenance 1.0

Exemplar Materials Management and Instrument Maintenance extend & enhance creation, tracking, reporting of consumable usage as well as instrument maintenance procedures

Sapio Sciences has announced the release of Materials Management 3.0. Exemplar LIMS 7.1 with Materials Management enhances Sapio’s strategy of going beyond traditional LIMS systems by providing a comprehensive solution combining LIMS, ELN and SDMS capabilities with industry best searching tools, robust collaboration features and high scalability. Sapio provides complete management and thorough insights into all lab related activities, and this enhancement to Materials and Instrument Management extends Sapio’s lead in delivering a comprehensive lab informatics solution.

Exemplar’s Materials Management 3.0 adds the following features:

  • Reagent Impact Report the shows all samples and experiments affected by a particular reagent
  • Workflow consumable work list report with recommended lot numbers to assist lab technicians in preparing for processing samples
  • Master Mix Creation workflow with recipe definitions

Exemplar’s Instrument Maintenance 1.0 adds the following features:

  • Easy addition and detailed tracking of all instruments in your lab(s)
  • Definition for each instrument of its maintenance procedures and the time interval as to when they are to be performed
  • Assignments of maintenance task to lab technicians
  • Notifications within Exemplar and via email of upcoming maintenance procedures

According to Kevin Cramer, CEO, “Sapio is a technology leader as one of the first vendors to push LIMS beyond simple sample tracking towards a comprehensive solution that tracks and guides the processing and management of samples as well as their resultant data via our integrated ELN and SDMS capabilities. Our mission is to make Exemplar a true lab informatics and discovery platform where a large body of knowledge about samples, their processing and related data are all easily searchable and where collaborative discussions can occur among researchers in support of their research objectives.”