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NatureMetrics Adopts Sapio Science’s No-Code LIMS/ELN Platform to Accelerate Environmental DNA Monitoring

Sapio LIMS/ELN Provides NatureMetrics With a Configurable Workflow and Data Solution That Adapts As eDNA Technology Rapidly Evolves


BALTIMOREMDJuly 5, 2023 — Sapio Sciences, the science-aware™ lab informatics platform, today announced that since recently launching in the EMEA geography NatureMetrics, the nature intelligence technology company has adopted Sapio’s platform to power its use of eDNA surveys and sequencing to identify and explore biodiversity. Sapio’s best-in-class platform unifies lab informatics with an all-in-onelaboratory information management system (LIMS), electronic laboratory notebook (ELN), and scientific data management solution.

NatureMetrics uses the power of eDNA biomonitoring to help organizations worldwide rapidly monitor animal species in the environment to make informed decisions for business and nature. Their aquatic sample kits and sequencing techniques which isolate trace DNA left behind in water, are simple and quick to use, and provide high data accuracy. Using the Sapio informatics platform, NatureMetrics is automating and configuring its proprietary next-generation sequencing (NGS) workflows to remove sequencing and data-management bottlenecks and quickly process the big data produced.

“The landmark agreement made at COP15 set global targets for 2030, including effectively conserving and managing at least 30% of the world’s lands, inland waters, coastal areas, and oceans.  NatureMetrics exists to help organizations take action to meet these goals, turning nature into data and insights, by adopting the latest innovations in eDNA technology,” said Juliet Jones, Chief Operating Officer at NatureMetrics. “We didn’t want to bend our processes to fit a LIMS or ELN; rather it should work the way we do. After an extensive market search, the openness and flexibility of the Sapio solution impressed us. Sapio’s no-code system will enable us to define standard processes and, importantly, make changes as our needs evolve.”

NatureMetrics has democratized biomonitoring by providing eDNA sampling kits to detect single or multiple species, from microorganisms to mammals, in a single sample. Sequencing DNA in just one liter of water can reveal the presence of many thousands of organisms and can be performed in a fraction of the time and cost compared to conventional methods. The company’s technology has supported biomonitoring around the world, including mining projects in West Africa, conservation projects in the Amazon rainforest, and infrastructure projects such as the UK’s new high-speed rail line, HS2. 

“It’s exciting to partner with NatureMetrics, a company that brings such a unique and important application of eDNA sequencing technology to protect and manage the environment,” said Andrew Wyatt, General Manager, EMEA, of Sapio Sciences. “Sapio has recently expanded its team into the European region and is honored to support NatureMetrics on such a critical mission by providing our open, configurable, unified lab platform, with templated NGS workflows, that will quickly adapt and evolve as their business scales.”

NatureMetrics recently launched the world’s first nature performance monitoring service, powered by eDNA technology, putting meaningful and robust nature insights into the hands of business decision-makers across the globe. The new subscription service provides continuous nature impact monitoring at scale, enabling standardised performance measurement of natural ecosystems, never before achievable due to the deep complexities of nature.

About NatureMetrics

NatureMetrics is a world leader in delivering nature data and intelligence. The Company uses cutting-edge technology to generate biodiversity data at scale using environmental DNA. NatureMetrics makes biodiversity measurable and supports businesses to transition to a nature positive economy by providing the data with which to drive good decisions for business and nature. The Company’s mission is to transform the scale, comprehensiveness, and accessibility of biodiversity data around the world, creating a comprehensive database of life on earth that will help us identify how best to protect it. Learn more at

About Sapio Sciences

Sapio Sciences’ mission is to improve life in the lab – because science is complex, Sapio makes technology simple. Sapio is a global business offering an all-in-one science-aware (TM) lab informatics platform combining cloud-based LIMS, ELN, and Jarvis data solutions. 

Sapio serves some of the largest global and niche brands, including biopharma, CROs and clinical diagnostic labs across NGS genomic sequencing, bioanalysis, bioprocessing, stability, clinical, histopathology, drug research, and in vivo studies. 

Customers love Sapio’s platform because it is robust, scalable, and with no-code configuration, can quickly adapt to meet unique needs. For more information visit and follow us on LinkedIn here.