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Exagen Selects Sapio Sciences as Digital Backbone For New Molecular Diagnostics Lab

Sapio Sciences LLC is pleased to announce Exagen has expanded its long-standing partnership to develop an NGS pipeline in its new molecular diagnostic laboratory.

Exagen is a rheumatology specialty lab that receives hundreds of patient specimens a day. With the versatility, customization, and flexibility of Sapio’s Lab Information Management System, Exagen is able to accession samples, integrate with several laboratory instruments from a variety of manufacturers, and produce meaningful determinations at a substantial volume in a timely and accurate manner. Through further integration with connection and BHI platforms, Exagen is able to produce and distribute Laboratory Result Reports through multiple mediums, soon to be joined by the implantation of Sapio’s Physicians Portal, connecting clients directly to their results with real-time status updates. Additionally, Sapio delivers billing orders and ticketing messages, interfaced to their billing software, allowing for timely invoicing and compensation.

Due to Sapio’s responsive and engaged support, flexible customization, and powerful performance, Exagen is set to grow into a future which includes the implementation of the Sapio Molecular module into their existing LIMS, allowing Exagen to expand into molecular testing. Kevin Cramer, CEO and Founder of Sapio Sciences notes, “We are excited Exagen is expanding their commitment to Sapio, building on our strong existing partnership and success in supporting their important clinical lab operations.”

About Exagen Inc.

Exagen (Nasdaq: XGN) is a leading provider of autoimmune diagnostic, prognostic, and monitoring testing solutions. Exagen is a patient-focused, discovery-driven organization built on the success of AVISE testing and is investing in its product pipeline to support patients throughout their autoimmune diagnosis and treatment journeys. The goal at Exagen is to assist patients, physicians, and payors by enabling precision medicine. Exagen is located in San Diego County with clinical and research and development laboratories in Vista, CA.