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Sapio ELN – Accelerate Research Like Never Before

Simple to use, easy to love – Sapio ELN is built from the ground up for scientists like you.

Our highly configurable Electronic Lab Notebook makes deploying complex experiments easy (no need to become a coder), creating and analyzing data simple (no need to learn SQL), and collaborating with colleagues a dream.

Trusted by some of the world’s best-known biotech and pharma organizations, Sapio ELN offers a vast range of built-in scientist-led features and is leading the way with Chat GPT-like AI tools (Sapio ELaiN) to take your productivity to new heights.

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    ELN Software For The Lab Of The Future

    • Integrated AI to accelerate science
    • Built-in scientific tools and objects
    • Scientist-led analysis, not SQL
    • Real-time
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    Integrated AI to accelerate science

    A truly exceptional ELN should accelerate science by empowering scientists to work faster and more dynamically than ever before. With Sapio ELaiN, scientists can use a simple chat-based interface to prompt experiments, ask about product capabilities, generate code, locate specific data points, and so much more.

    built in scientific tools and objects

    Built-in scientific tools and objects  

    More than a single pane of glass, the electronic notebook should deliver built-in scientific applications that provide real utility to scientists without disruption. Sapio ELN includes integrated flow data analysis, instrument automation, reusable scientific data objects, and design tools for plasmids, CRISPRs, and compounds—empowering scientists to do what they do best and realize powerful efficiency gains along the way.

    scientist led analysis

    Scientist-led analysis, not SQL 

    Tired of an army of database scientists standing between you and your scientific data? Made for science, not SQL, Sapio ELN offers scientists rich data search, visualization, and analysis. Quickly find structured and unstructured data across your entire organization with science-aware™ searching, including the ability to locate compounds by substructure and similarity. Then, bring your data to life in interactive, scientific visualizations—all without ever leaving your ELN.

    real time collaboration

    Real-time collaboration 

    When scientists join forces, the result is powerful. Sapio ELN software revolutionizes scientific collaboration by enabling scientists to simultaneously work on experiments, share notes, and add content and data. Replace your collaboration tool with integrated chat, discussion threads, ideation, tasking, and more.

    The benefits of Sapio ELN are truly immeasurable, but here’s a start.


    Rise in System Usability Score (SUS)


    Increase in Experiments


    Improvement in Productivity

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    Experience The Future Of Electronic Lab Notebooks

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