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Questioning is at the heart of science. Shouldn’t it be at the heart of your solution search too? Whether you’re actively searching for a new lab informatics platform, or you’re considering making the switch from your current solution, asking the right questions is key to finding a solution that will empower your lab today and tomorrow.

In this on-demand webinar, we sit down with Sapio Founder & CEO, Kevin Cramer, Chief Growth Officer & General Manager, Andrew Wyatt, and Senior Director of Product Marketing, Rob Brown, to get real-life insights to guide laboratory decision makers in their search for a LIMS or ELN.

Watch the recording to discover:

  • The biggest areas where lab informatics solutions leave today’s scientists wanting
  • What science-aware™ means for modern scientists
  • How modern science is changing requirements in an informatics platform
  • Key questions to ask in your solution search
  • And more…